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Physical Therapy Documentation and Billing Service, Scheduling, EHR, and Practice Management

Physical Therapy Documentation and Billing Service, Scheduling, EHR, and Practice Management

An intuitive physical therapy documentation system that saves time while increasing compliance. You can fax and bill with a click of a button. Don’t settle for scheduling that only integrates with patient records… Read more…

Automate claims, reduce collection time, and take advantage of more than 1.5 million quality assurance rules that make BESTPT billing the most accurate in the industry. State-of-The-Art Billing… Read more…

BESTPT’s TeamFlow tracks your practice’s priorities, allowing staff to focus on what matters most. The system gives you shortcuts to decisions that otherwise go unnoticed until it’s… Read more…

BESTPT is a complete practice-building solution. Work with your Excellence Center team member to review and assess practice metrics and plan to improve performance over time. Read more…

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Monitor Practice Health With This Powerful Tool And Stop Drowning In Piles Of Reports

Practices rely on separate reports to understand where they are as a practice and a business. Separate reports require comparison and compilation in Excel or other spreadsheets to stack data and notice a trend over time. Comparison of rows of numbers is difficult without graphics to show trends. Imagine never pulling numbers out of reports to compare where you are and where your business is going. Imagine having a tool that let's you track your daily business goals at a glance. Imagine the time savings that you can now spend with your patients. Well, imagine no more. The tool is called The Practice Health Monitor and you can learn about it in this 15 minute webinar.

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