August 2017 bestPT Newsletter: Persisting Problems with Leftover Prescriptions

August, 2017 Newsletter

Leftover opiods are a common problem after surgery.

by Lindsey Tanner

CHICAGO — Surgery patients often end up with leftover opioid painkillers and store the remaining pills improperly at home, a study suggests.

The research raises concerns about over prescribing addictive medicine that could end in the wrong hands…



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 Looking at the landscape of physical therapy practice management, we see a playing field tipped to benefit the payers and hurt the provider. The relationship between payers and providers is adversarial, but billing networks offer solid strategies that allow providers to get back into–and win–the game.

The “network effect” allows a large number of unique providers to capitalize upon their strength in numbers.  Please help us strengthen that network.

If your friend schedules a demonstration of the system, we’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card
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July 2017 bestPT: PTA, the 1st choice for a 2nd career

PTA: First Choice for a Second Career

Many PTAs began their work lives in other occupations but have come to find a home in physical therapy.

While their individual reasons may vary, many of these professionals are resuming their studies as older students focusing on a second career that is more satisfying than the work they had previously done.  Work that is emotionally fulfilling, stimulating, varied, all the while being educationally affordable and serving a hot job market.

(by Eric Ries,  at PTinMotion)


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Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.

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Lauren Sahagian of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, TX.

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Sarah & Linzie Schwindt of Health Rehab Solutions, Kalispell, MT

Adrienne Martinez of Prime Therapy & Pain Center, Riverside, CA.

Bruce Wihongi of Kiwi Pt, Highland, MI

June 2017 bestPT: 10 Easy Ways PTs Can Promote Fitness

10 Easy Ways Physical Therapists Can Promote Fitness

Unlike many medical providers, physical therapists have ample time to talk with patients, to learn about their lives and to educate.

This extra time gives physical therapists (PTs) the opportunity to do more than help patients heal from injuries and regain mobility–they can also help them learn to pursue wellness, achieve greater fitness and possibly avoid injuries in the future.

And we’re not just talking about sports physical therapy. PTs can work with all patients to help them achieve the optimal fitness level for their level of ability.

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Ingrid Cruz and Gordon David of Prime Therapy and Pain Center

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Jeanne Cunningham and Lisa Dennis of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy,

Austin, TX.

Christopher Leck of Health Rehab Solutions,

Kalispell, MT.

Amy Adler of Bit-By-Bit Therapy

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Jennifer Huyser of Northland Pediatric Physical Therapy,

Pleasant Valley, MO.

Five ways technology is improving the physician-patient relationship

Few things are as perplexing to healthcare providers as the challenge of nurturing more meaningful, intimate relationships with patients in an era of rising healthcare costs.

Vendors have rolled out a number of healthcare technology solutions to address these challenges, such as app-enabled patient portals, but much of the time, these tools simply serve as data repositories — underutilized by both the patients whom they are intended to serve as well as the physicians who are supposed to be using them.

However, some physicians aren’t hesitant to adopt technology.


May 2017 bestPT: How do you introduce new concepts to existing patients?


How do you introduce new concepts to existing patients?

Have y ever returned from a seminar itching to use all kinds of novel assessments and treatments on your existing caseload?  Should you apply these concepts to the care your provide your current patients?
It depends.  Some patients may be excited for your latest and greatest, others may lose confidence if your new explanations and education are too different from what was already working.

With some patients, you can tell them about the new treatment you’re planning to learn prior to attending a seminar and they’ll be excited to have it applied.

Perception can often dictate the reality.  The excitement associated with a new technique may result in  your patient experiencing a placebo effect, but be careful they may experience the negative nocebo effect instead.

To hear Dr. E discuss this in greater detail:

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Helps Uncover Causes Hiding in the Spine

Most musculoskeletal pain is manageable conservatively. In fact, 92 percent of all musculoskeletal pain is mechanical in nature, and 82 percent of these are rapidly reversible.
Only 5 to 8 percent of the musculoskeletal cases Jones, PT, Dip. MDT and his peers see at the Center for Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy need their care escalated.


Welcome New Members to the bestPT Team in April

We’ve continued to add new members to our community this April. Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.
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  4. Samantha Lenox of Mike Walsh Physical Therapy, in Milford, DE.
  5. Leah Larkin of Equilibrium Balance Performance Center  in Ventura, CA.
  6. Chastity Eaton of Bassett Physical Therapy, in Stanleytown, VA.
  7. Brenda Gonzalez, Jerry Parks, and Ted Stebens of Kulagy Physical Therapy.


What Do Successful Practice Owners Have in Common?

So many struggling  physical therapy practice owners focus all of their attention just on the critical tasks that must be done and, often times, little else.   Things like compliance, providing a support team, ensuring the clinic is equipped and functional, getting patients documented, and paying the team and the suppliers consume all of the owners time and attention.  

This means that some areas of the business, such as financial control, performance reporting, marketing, sales management and having a plan for growth, get little or no attention.  The result is a gentle, persistent decline in the practice size, turnover, profitability and value.

Click to read more about the 15 things successful practices owners have in common.  


What are the habits that a physical therapist needs to accelerate their progress towards success? Working with some of the most successful clinic owners in the country, and by identifying what they want to achieve, Erika Trimble has identified what the 10 key successful habits are for clinic owners who want to live their professional dreams.

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