August 2017 bestPT Newsletter: Persisting Problems with Leftover Prescriptions

August, 2017 Newsletter

Leftover opiods are a common problem after surgery.

by Lindsey Tanner

CHICAGO — Surgery patients often end up with leftover opioid painkillers and store the remaining pills improperly at home, a study suggests.

The research raises concerns about over prescribing addictive medicine that could end in the wrong hands…



6 New members joined bestPT  in July 2017.

Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.


Let’s welcome bestPT newest members!

Samantha Monahan of Bassett Physical Therapy, Stanleytown, VA

Sopia Polanco of Bit-By-Bit, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Christa Johnson of Comprehensive Hand & Rehabilitation Waterford, MI

Shalaina Russell of Kalispell Rehab, Kalispell, MT

Michele Kurkowski of Kiwi PT, Highland, MI

Norma Garcia of Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness, Ventura, CA

 Looking at the landscape of physical therapy practice management, we see a playing field tipped to benefit the payers and hurt the provider. The relationship between payers and providers is adversarial, but billing networks offer solid strategies that allow providers to get back into–and win–the game.

The “network effect” allows a large number of unique providers to capitalize upon their strength in numbers.  Please help us strengthen that network.

If your friend schedules a demonstration of the system, we’ll send you a $25 Amazon gift card
For each friend that you refer that joins our network, we’ll credit you $50 each month the office is contracted with us through the first year!

July 2017 bestPT: PTA, the 1st choice for a 2nd career

PTA: First Choice for a Second Career

Many PTAs began their work lives in other occupations but have come to find a home in physical therapy.

While their individual reasons may vary, many of these professionals are resuming their studies as older students focusing on a second career that is more satisfying than the work they had previously done.  Work that is emotionally fulfilling, stimulating, varied, all the while being educationally affordable and serving a hot job market.

(by Eric Ries,  at PTinMotion)


6 New members joined bestPT  in June 2017.

Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.

Let’s welcome bestPT newest members!

Lauren Sahagian of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, TX.

Colleen Lafferty of Bit-by-Bit, Ft Lauderal, FL.

Sarah & Linzie Schwindt of Health Rehab Solutions, Kalispell, MT

Adrienne Martinez of Prime Therapy & Pain Center, Riverside, CA.

Bruce Wihongi of Kiwi Pt, Highland, MI

Physical Therapy Billing | Client Testimonial by Joe O'Connor, PT

physical therapy billing Client-TestimonialsClient Testimonial by Joe O’Connor

“My name is Joe O’Connor, I’m a physical therapist. I’ve been the full owner of this practice for upwards of about 15 years now. Over time we just grew because we developed relationships with the local health centers, and some of the local orthopedic surgeons.

You have to have a clerical end as well, and that was something that we learned through trial and error. Having an internal billing source sometimes you don’t have that followup like you should, and the recommendation was made and I investigated bestPT, and I’m glad I did. The physical therapy billing company that I used prior to that just didn’t have the same communication ability with us that you guys have.

You have to have somebody that really knows how to deal with insurance companies and how to understand the physical therapy billing codes and what to do and what not to do. The thing that I enjoy the most is the better cash-flow, that’s really the bottom line. I see more money coming in and it’s nice to see the bank account going up.”

G-Codes: Another curve ball from Medicare

Physical Therapy Billing | medicare-g-codesBy Rebecca Harwood – SWAT 

Medicare is now requiring that G-Codes and C-modifiers are included on your physic claims and in your documentation. Not only do you as the provider need to change the way you bill but also the way you document. This change is very complex and can not be done from your memory alone. If these requirements are not met, you will not get paid by Medicare and these claims will be denied. We are here to help and have upgraded bestPT in several ways to handle these new requirements.

The G-Codes are used on your Initial Evaluations, Progress notes/Re-evals and Discharge visits to track the patient’s progress in reaching their goals. These codes are used to demonstrate medical necessity and ensure that the patient is getting better. In addition to billing out these G-Codes, you also have to add C-modifiers depending on the severity of their condition. You also need to document these codes in your documentation and ensure that it is supported with functional testing (e.g., Dash, Tinetti, etc). Any claims submitted after July 1, 2013 that do not have G-Codes on the required visits will be denied. If these findings are not documented, you are at risk for an audit.

The G-Codes and C-modifiers have been added to all procedures for clinicians with the PT, OT, and/or SLP specialty code. These can be found in your Procedures list in the Billing and EHR screen. We have put in several validations that will flag any claim missing the G-Codes and C-modifiers. These claims will be sent back to your provider workbench for review. We have also created a new xDoc template that allows you to document the Initial Evaluation, Progress Note, and Discharge Summary all in one xDoc template so you will be able to track the overall progress of the patient. This template also has the Functional Assessment Tools (e.g., Dash, Tinetti, etc) complete with automatic calculations to support your G-Code and C-Modifier reporting. To add this xDoc template to your account, please open a ticket to your SPOC.
We have held two webinars on these updates this month and will be publishing a downloadable version in the next couple weeks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new requirements, please do not hesitate to open a Vericle ticket to your SPOC. We also run Live Help Sessions, 1-3 times a day. Check your bestPT  Live Help Calendar for information on how to join these sessions.


Watch our G-codes webinar (60 minutes long) with Dave Alben and Kathleen Casbarro: