Safety and Prepareness Statement Regarding Coronavirus diseases (COVID-19)

The purpose of this message is to inform you about our Business Continuity Plan in the face of a growing threat by COVID-19 pandemic and the related regulations, which could pose a significant business disruption. Worse, some payers are already taking advantage of the situation to keep the Float in their hands by limiting access to their data and/or staff and rendering AR followup ineffective. 
Our priorities are as follows:
Safety of Our Employees: the added measures of hygiene/sanitization are insufficient and we are requesting our employees and any 3rd party BPOs to self-isolate, avoid public transportation or any other public gathering events and venues and work from home.  
Uninterrupted Access to Vericle Software: As Vericle is a cloud-based system with a very significant investment in data and platform redundancy, all mission-critical activities such as software access, performance, and data backup continue to be delivered without major disruptions.
Uninterrupted Billing (RCM) Service Delivery: As our RCM service staff are distributed across multiple cities, all services, including data entry, and claims follow up to continue to be delivered without major disruptions, subject to payer access availability. 
Taking Advantage of Scalability in Times of Volatile Volumes: Your fees are automatically adjusted in step with changing visit and charge volumes, demonstrating once again our 100% interest alignment with our clients.
Productive Use of Office Down Time: We are asking you to engage our staff to help you use the downtime to bill out your visits, review your backlogs, train your staff, and update your office policies. 
Telehealth When Available and Applicable: Leverage our staff to implement telehealth within your practice, including billing procedures and documentation.
Please contact us to schedule a separate call, In case you feel that we should be doing something else or if you disagree with the steps we are taking.
Eldad De-Medonsa, PhD
President, Billing Dynamix