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Physical Therapy Software 40_plus_charts_and_graphs“And you have that flexible report generator, which is super, so that different people and different levels of need and sophistication in managing a physical therapy billing system can get what they want out of the system.” – David Alben, Clinic Director, Axiom Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Tuckahoe, New York

Axiom PT & OT sees 850 monthly visits and has 6 full time PTs, 2 OTs, and 6 administrative staff. David Alben tells us how bestPT helps Axiom meet all of their objectives.

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I’ve done medical collections and insurance work for more than twenty years, going back to paper claims. To be able to see a summary report for physical therapy billing by payer, and then to drill into that to see the specific claims that are open, and the status of the claims, who’s touched them, what bucket are they in, as a claim moves through the billing and collections process, is the critical factor.
Patients say “I’ll pay you Tuesday, I’ll pay you next Wednesday, I only want to write you a check once a week, I forgot my credit card,” there is always a long list of excuses. With bestPT physical therapy billing software you can track that very easily.
And you have that flexible report generator, which is super, so that different people and different levels of need and sophistication in managing a billing system can get what they want out of the system. They don’t have to involve you or the team, just sit there at the computer, say I want to see this and this, lets take a look at how December fared against February. Let’s look at that by payer source, let’s look at that by referral source. To have that powerful tool, that you can just sit there and say “Well this is what I feel like looking at right now” is great!
You guys are not the first company that has tried to solve these problems, even in this practice. And once we realized where they were going, we were delighted. We were delighted to see how you integrate the entire process, from the front end gathering of information, through the actual scheduling and treatment of patients, the notes, the billing, and the collections. And having a system to track all of that, and present it to me in a way that I can manage it easily, it’s great!

Physical Therapy Billing |Turning Visits into Cash

Physical Therapy practice management cash_paying_Patient“If you can’t get paid for the work you do, you can’t pay your staff, can’t pay your rent, and you can’t provide good quality service.” – David Alben, Clinic Director, Axiom Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Tuckahoe, New York

Axiom PT & OT sees 850 monthly visits and has six full time PTs, two OTs, and six administrative staff. David Alben tells Jason Barnes how bestPT helps Axiom meet all of their objectives.

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David Alben: You know, trying to get your arms around the receivable is a huge problem. I run a healthcare consulting practice, and I see this time and time again. Which claims have been paid, which claims haven’t been paid? Who owes you the money, how long have they owed you the money? The whole issue between insurance approved amount, usual customary charges, all of those things are confusing.
Jason Barnes:Why do insurance companies make it so hard to get paid?
David Alben: I think that insurance companies have placed barriers to payment because it’s in their business interest to do that.

Intentional billing complexity

I don’t have a problem with that as long as everybody understands the rules going in. Each of the individual payers has their own twists and turns and hoops they make you jump through to get paid. So what works for insurance company X is not going to work for insurance company Y.

Insurance companies profit on the float

We are in the business of getting paid to provide excellent physical therapy and occupational therapy. It’s a reality of running a healthcare company these days. If you can’t get paid for the work you do, you can’t pay your staff, can’t pay your rent, and you can’t provide good quality service.
Jason Barnes: Why did you select bestPT?
David Alben: You know over the years, in various different businesses, we have gone from manual systems, literally paper claims, to home grown systems, to other commercially available systems. And many of them have good and bad points.

All-in-One Solution for Practice Management

It has really been hard to find one system that galvanizes of the different components of running a physical therapy practice, the front end stuff, collecting the demographics, having a schedule that is easy to use and understand, and then the whole back end procedures of turning those visits in to cash!

Physical Therapy Billing | BestPT gets me paid

Jason Barnes: You’re spending 30 minutes a day on your physical therapy billing?

Michael Walsh, PT: Max yeah.

Jason Barnes: Does that include documentation?

Michael Walsh: That would include documentation.

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On a busy day, say like Monday is my heavy AR day, you guys have it all posted by Wednesday or Thursday the latest. So I get to do some stuff in there and make some comments. It’s just part of my routine.

I have made it part of my work flow so I don’t have to take it home.

You know I used to take a laptop home everyday but I don’t want to play around with it. I would rather play with my kids. So that’s the thing I mean it’s done for me. Its part of my day.

I opened up my practice with bestPT from scratch. We had a 30-day downtime while we were getting loaded so we did some paper claims for workman’s comp, I hand typed my notes but I had a template. My template notes still took about 90 seconds because I had to print them out and sign it.

My receptionist tried to make copies, send a 1500 form out. So I’d say the whole process of doing one bill took about five minutes. While now, it’s just an instant, boom, boom, boom, click, bill. It’s done.

And they’re gonna drag their feet, you know. There’s a big fat cat up on the hill. I’m a little guy but if we do it right, it’s good.

Jason Barnes: What sort of feedback do you get from the insurance companies on bestPT?

Michael Walsh: Well I got to tell you, on the commercial nothing because the transactions are so fast. I mean like I said, Blue Cross is usually three days. Tricare I just got a payment from them on a patient, I’m getting paid in less than seven days on them. Medicare looks like five or seven days.

But on the workman’s comp companies and the other companies, they hate you guys and I mean that as a positive because they sometimes call and ask me, tell your billing company to quit calling us, we’re working as hard as we can.

So I say, they’re doing their job, their job is to get me paid.

Physical Therapy Billing | Best Practices from Michael Walsh, PT

Michael Walsh, PT: I’m doing my documentation as I go. The hardest thing for me is if I become swamped or have a patient who just kind of shows up and they’re a new patient.

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I’ve got some establish patients here and stuff like that, I’ll make notes occasionally you know little range of motion things here and there but overall, if I have an established patient and their notes are already in the system, I can just plug in with the change. Did some of the treatment change? Maybe it did. Did their pain levels change? I hope so.

If certain things change, I may actually see I would…I can knock on a note for an established patient in probably 30 seconds. As I work I do my notes so I would say like on the hour, if I’m seeing, say I’m seeing two patients an hour, after I get them treated or doing some kind of exercise, I’ll knock out part of the note and then I’ll check the work bench.

With the insurance companies, I try to make sure I follow the rules to the T so at the end of the day, I get compensated and I stay compliant.

You guys call them with all the other stuff you know, why should I pay them? I don’t like this stuff, and for the most part I don’t want to hear from them.

Jason Barnes: Any chance you have a note that you need to complete right now?

Michael Walsh: You know it’s funny, while I was fooling around I just did my last note.

Jason Barnes: While you were here?

Michael Walsh: Yeah, while you guys were setting up. I did my last note then.

Jason Barnes: Can you give bestPT a rating right now.

Michael Walsh: It’s you know I’d say A+

I mean, its tough to find people who know how to do this stuff.

Having people on your payroll who call out sick, claims don’t go out. Phone calls don’t get made you know headaches, headaches, headaches.

You’re like me, where would you go? If I’m not getting paid, you’re not getting paid. If you’re not doing your job, I’m pissed off I mean its as simple as that.

You guys are a commission-based company so it forces you to do your job. Then you celebrate the 15th of the month, when that payment comes out. Seriously, that’s how it is.

Physical Therapy Software is used by Mike Walsh, PT.

Physical Therapy Software | bestPT gets me paid – Michael Walsh, PT

Billing Dynamix and bestPT gets Michael Walsh, PT “PAID” at his Physical Therapy Practice

How? By using the physical therapy software that was developed with physical therapy practices in mind.  The documentation can be completed in a matter of clicks and the claim scrubbers ensure quick payment from the notoriously slow Payers.