new members for our pt billing software

Welcome New Members to the bestPT Team in October

Eleven New Members joined bestPT in October 2016.

Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.

Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members!

  1. Nora Halabi and Veronica Orr of Bit-By-Bit, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  2. Bobbie Blodgett of Kalispell Rehab, Kalispell, MT.
  3. Nicole Clements of Melwood Rehabilitation Center, Upper Marlboro, MD.
  4. Dr. Greg Banks of Midlothian Village Physical Therapy, Midlothian, VA.
  5. Courtney Moore of Mike Walsh Physical Therapy, Milford, DE.
  6. Shelly of Tim Soder Physical Therapy, Las Vegas, NV.
  7. Brittany Smith, Johanna Peinado, Elizabeth Moffatt, and Ashley Rogers of Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness, Ventura, CA.


3 Steps to Losing a Referring Physician

A physician usually has a very good reason when they stop referring patients. A recent survey found that most physicians do NOT fully read their therapist reports. Communication, clarity, and customer feedback are critical components when it comes to maintaining your relationship with referring physicians. Erika hopes to help you avoid this possibility all together by discussing the three reasons why your reports aren’t being read:

3 STeps to Losing a Referring Physician

new members for our pt billing software

Welcome New Members to the bestPT Team in September

Thirteen New Members joined bestPT in September 2016.
Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.
Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members!

  1. Tyler Gutshall of Bassett Physical Therapy, Stanleytown, VA.
  2. Beth Rubin and Nichol Suarez of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, TX.
  3. Amanda Davis of Bounce Physical Therapy, Liverpool, NY.
  4. Joey Schoenherr, Laura Wahla, Judy Micallef, and Valentina Calmac of Comprehensive Hand & Rehabilitation, Waterford, MI.
  5. Michael Dilella and Brinda Rathod of Homebase Physical Therapy Morristown, NJ.
  6. Laura Wiegan of Midlothian Village Physical Therapy, Midlothian, VA.
  7. Arshad Hussain of PT Max Pain Management Clinic Philadelphia, PA.
  8. Sobeida Curiel of Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness, Ventura, CA.


Join Us at the 2016 PPS Conference

Join us in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas at the 2016 PPS Conference!

See us in Las VegasWe’re proud to be a part of this great annual PPS conference again this year.   We’ll be in booth #231 near the PPS Membership and Voting table in the Exhibition Hall, September 20-21st.

It’s always a highlight of the PPS conference for us to meet so many of you, from all over the country, in person.  We look forward to seeing those familiar faces as well as the newer members of our community this year.


What Strategies and Tactics are Working For Innovative Practice Owners

Being a practice owner is a difficult and lonely task.  It’s difficult to know what your competition is doing, and even if you were to ask, they’ll generally only offer guarded responses or exaggerate their successes.   Erika Trimble, renowned business coach, offers a list of what strategies and tactics are being used by the most successful and innovative practice owners, and which ones are working for physical therapists.

Read more here:

The Movers and Shakers in the Physical Therapy World: What Strategies and Tactics are Working

You can detect CPT code underpayments with

How to Detect CPT Code Underpayments

You can detect CPT code underpayments with bestPTbilling.comIf insurance companies underpay your practice for certain CPT codes, would you be able to look it up?

How would you find that out in your practice management software? Can you look back a year and see what you’ve been paid per CPT code? Our clients tell us that their previous software couldn’t look backwards as they needed it to, so they’re very excited that bestPTbilling software can do that.
It’s a tool called the Billing Statistics report and you can configure it to look up just about anything. (Within your own account of course!) Watch this Free Webinar to find out more and to see exactly how it works. Learn how to discover your underpayments and get paid what you deserve. Enter your information and watch it now.




physical therapy patient retention

How do you retain your physical therapy patients?

physical therapy patient retentionHow do you determine your physical therapy patients are at risk of missing their appointments?

How can you see what the trend is for your office? Can you find this information in reports? Probably, but you have dig deeply into them to find the information and then you have to take action on it by assigning follow-up to your staff. There must be an easier way to do this automatically and bestPT has it built-in for you.

Learn how you can use alerts, notifications and the radar chart in addition to reports to retain your patients. The radar chart uses two time periods to compare several of your metrics. This lets you see if you’re meeting your goals with a quick glance at the graph. Alerts and notifications will let you create pop-up messages on the schedule to inform you when a patient has no future appointments or their care plan is running out of visits.

Learn more about it with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page. Enter your information and watch it now.



Top 10 PT CPT codes

Physical Therapy CPT Code Analysis for 2015

Top 10 PT CPT codesThe U.S spends more on Healthcare than other countries. Does spending more per capita result in better outcomes?

We currently work off (FFS) Fee for service plans. The problem with this method of reimbursement, providers are not be held accountable.

What’s next in the future of Healthcare? Introducing Pay-for-Performance.

  • New commercial payer contracts with alternative payment methods based on performance to be in place by 2020.
  • CMS moving to ‘value-based’ or ‘quality based’ reimbursement
  • Medicare to have 55% of fee-for-service payments shifted to quality based payments by the end of 2016 through pay for performance (P4P)

Based on the new rules, your practice may experience a change in coding to meet new performance guidelines.  Will the trends in 2017 change where we see an increase in re-evals (97002) or Self Care Management Training (97035)? As the CMS and the private payers work on their ‘New’ pay structures it’s a good idea to monitor your yearly trends and monitor outcomes early.

225 different CPT codes were reported in 2015 for Physical Therapist, yet, the top 10 CPT codes constitute 90% of all reporting. While we noticed a slight reduction in use for 97110 and 97140, other codes e.g. 97530 slightly increased. The increase of the use of 97530 is due to a better understanding of how to use and when to use this code.

Top 10 physical therapy CPT codes

These are the top 10 PT CPT codes

The 10 most paying CPT codes generated over 96% of all pay in 2015!

Compare the top 10 CPT codes for Physical Therapists. top 10 PT CPT codes

We see high similarity to previous years trend with some reduction for 97110 and some increase for 97530.

CPT 97110 was reported in most of the visits (28.9%) and generates the most of the pay (33.9%) – pay to claims ratio 117%. CPT 97113 was reported only in 0.2% of the visits, yet generated 0.7% of the pay – pay to claims ratio 326%. On the other hand, CPT G0283 was reported in 2.9% of the visits, yet generated only 0.9% of the pay – pay to claims ratio 29%

Top 10 CPT codes for PTs.

The average CPT collections per unit was $22.51 in 2015, which is 3% less than 2013 average pay.

Paid per unit CPT codes

Most of the CPT pay in 2015 is lower than previous years by almost 3%, the few exceptions are lead by 97113 Aquatic Exercises which is almost 9% higher.

CPT code reimbursement change from 2014 to 2015.

Dollar value of PT CPT codes.

Pay per unit for the top 10 CPT codes for physical therapists.

Physical Therapy is one of the hardest and less appreciated professions and we do see only the most dedicated providers surviving. This is why we do our utmost to get the money you deserve – so that you can stay open and keep on helping people. has PQRS built-in.

Does PQRS affect your practice?

What happens if you forget to add a PQRS code?

PQRS stands for the Physician Quality Reporting System.  It is a health care quality improvement incentive program initiated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the United States in 2006.
Medicare is moving towards a Pay-for-Performance structure where quality care should have quality outcomes.  Medicare will compare your care to the care of your peers. If your care takes twice as many visits as other providers for the same diagnosis, then that will raise a red flag with Medicare for you.
A PQRS code must be appended to a billable service. They can not go out on a claim on their own, especially after the insurance claim has already been accepted. In addition, you can’t add it to a corrected claim if you forgot to add it the first time. It must be added in the first claim submission.
Learn more about it with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page. Enter your information and watch it now.

Fast documentation with SOAP note macros

How to Write SOAP Notes Faster

Use built-in SOAP Note Macros to type your narrative with clicks on macro buttons.

Remember the good old days of typing and printing SOAP Notes papers for mailing to insurance companies? Those days are not quite over for some practices that are clinging to the old days.  For the practices that are moving on with the required Electronic Health Records (EHR), you need it to be a simple, easy to use interface.

Now imagine taking it a step further by creating a button to type a narrative that you type multiple times a day. You click that button and insert that text where ever you need it in your SOAP note. You can create as many time saving macro buttons as you want.

Now imagine one more step further… you could use a touch screen in the exam room to touch your macro buttons and complete your note in seconds! Then touch a button to sign-off and submit it to the claim scrubbers.  What could be easier than that?

Learn how with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page.