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Formula for Success – How Persistence Pays off in Business!

by Steve Messineo

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In this video I discuss how persistence plays a key role in the success of your business.  Check it out now!

Persistence in implementing the right strategies and action plans for greater success and growth in their businesses is something a lot of small business owners lack, despite being a key component of the formula for success.

Many small business owners implement new strategies and action plans with a half heart-ed approach.  They will try something new once or twice, but if it does not pan out for them immediately, i.e. they don’t see an immediate return on their investment of time, energy, and money, they give up on it without truly working out all of the nuances that would ultimately make that strategy or action plan pay off.

This lack of persistence is commonly a result of one or a combination of the following:

1) Their own internal belief systems are suspect,

2) Their execution plans are not well defined, and/or

3) They lack at true purpose or vision for their business long term.

I discussed Purpose, Belief, and Execution in previous videos in my series on the Formula for Success.  You can get access to these videos by subscribing to my channel here: and I recommend you watch these videos if you feel you and your business are deficient in these areas.

When you have a purpose for your business that truly resonates with your soul, a belief in your business model that is unwavering, and solid execution plans for the implementation of systems and action plans you recognize are necessary to support your company’s vision, then persistence, i.e. staying the course and working through the challenges of “getting it right” for the benefit of all involved in your business, is not a problem.

This is because you realize that not everything you do is going to work the first or second time.  You realize it takes time, energy, and money to get it right and you realize that the investment of these resources will pay off greatly in the long run.  You just have to be willing to stick with it.

If you and/or your team recognize that persistence in implementing the right systems and action plans for your business is a problem, then I recommend you take advantage of a complimentary consultation with me by clicking here:

When you do, I will take the time to learn about the challenges you face in your business and provide you with some insights on how to stay persistent with important systems and strategies to allow you to realize greater results in for your business in the near future.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you do so.  Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my upcoming videos on the Formula for Success!