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Holding Yourself Accountable to Achieve Business Success

by Steve Messineo

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If you don’t hold yourself accountable for getting things done in your business that will help you achieve success, who will? To do so though can be a challenge for many small and home business owners.

It is very important to stay on top of your TO-DO-LIST. You don’t have to be responsible for every action in your business, but you should be willing to hand over some of the work on your desk to other team members. Set deadlines and stay in touch to ensure those tasks get done successfully.

When you set goals, be super-specific: How much do you want to increase sales?  The more you plan out your goals and steps to reaching them, the more you will actually succeed. You won’t always have things go your way, and in these cases, all you can do is change how you react.

Ultimately holding yourself accountable for your actions, enables you to take responsibility for how your day progresses. It also gives you the means to change bad habits and improve on new resolutions and goals.

Learn a technique for keeping yourself accountable in this video.

If you would like to discuss more accountability strategies afterwards, schedule a complimentary consultation with me at and I’ll offer you some ideas to help you keep yourself on track with your business goals.