How do you retain your physical therapy patients?

physical therapy patient retentionHow do you determine your physical therapy patients are at risk of missing their appointments?

How can you see what the trend is for your office? Can you find this information in reports? Probably, but you have dig deeply into them to find the information and then you have to take action on it by assigning follow-up to your staff. There must be an easier way to do this automatically and bestPT has it built-in for you.

Learn how you can use alerts, notifications and the radar chart in addition to reports to retain your patients. The radar chart uses two time periods to compare several of your metrics. This lets you see if you’re meeting your goals with a quick glance at the graph. Alerts and notifications will let you create pop-up messages on the schedule to inform you when a patient has no future appointments or their care plan is running out of visits.

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