How to Detect CPT Code Underpayments

You can detect CPT code underpayments with bestPTbilling.comIf insurance companies underpay your practice for certain CPT codes, would you be able to look it up?

How would you find that out in your practice management software? Can you look back a year and see what you’ve been paid per CPT code? Our clients tell us that their previous software couldn’t look backwards as they needed it to, so they’re very excited that bestPTbilling software can do that.
It’s a tool called the Billing Statistics report and you can configure it to look up just about anything. (Within your own account of course!) Watch this Free Webinar to find out more and to see exactly how it works. Learn how to discover your underpayments and get paid what you deserve. Enter your information and watch it now.




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  1. jitendra
    jitendra says:

    are these cases comes under fraud, since insurance companies are not correctly paying for the procedures performed……just looking forward to attend this webinar

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