June 2017 bestPT: 10 Easy Ways PTs Can Promote Fitness

10 Easy Ways Physical Therapists Can Promote Fitness

Unlike many medical providers, physical therapists have ample time to talk with patients, to learn about their lives and to educate.

This extra time gives physical therapists (PTs) the opportunity to do more than help patients heal from injuries and regain mobility–they can also help them learn to pursue wellness, achieve greater fitness and possibly avoid injuries in the future.

And we’re not just talking about sports physical therapy. PTs can work with all patients to help them achieve the optimal fitness level for their level of ability.

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Five ways technology is improving the physician-patient relationship

Few things are as perplexing to healthcare providers as the challenge of nurturing more meaningful, intimate relationships with patients in an era of rising healthcare costs.

Vendors have rolled out a number of healthcare technology solutions to address these challenges, such as app-enabled patient portals, but much of the time, these tools simply serve as data repositories — underutilized by both the patients whom they are intended to serve as well as the physicians who are supposed to be using them.

However, some physicians aren’t hesitant to adopt technology.