May 2017 bestPT: How do you introduce new concepts to existing patients?


How do you introduce new concepts to existing patients?

Have y ever returned from a seminar itching to use all kinds of novel assessments and treatments on your existing caseload?  Should you apply these concepts to the care your provide your current patients?
It depends.  Some patients may be excited for your latest and greatest, others may lose confidence if your new explanations and education are too different from what was already working.

With some patients, you can tell them about the new treatment you’re planning to learn prior to attending a seminar and they’ll be excited to have it applied.

Perception can often dictate the reality.  The excitement associated with a new technique may result in  your patient experiencing a placebo effect, but be careful they may experience the negative nocebo effect instead.

To hear Dr. E discuss this in greater detail:

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Helps Uncover Causes Hiding in the Spine

Most musculoskeletal pain is manageable conservatively. In fact, 92 percent of all musculoskeletal pain is mechanical in nature, and 82 percent of these are rapidly reversible.
Only 5 to 8 percent of the musculoskeletal cases Jones, PT, Dip. MDT and his peers see at the Center for Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy need their care escalated.


Welcome New Members to the bestPT Team in April

We’ve continued to add new members to our community this April. Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.
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