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Why Facebook is Great Tool for Growing Your Practice

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Have you tried using Facebook to promote your clinic / practice, but the results are not what you hoped for.  If so, you are not alone.  Many clinic or practice owners go through the process of creating a fan page and posting random content that they THINK is relevant to their customers and will interest them. Often they find that, they are not getting the engagement they would like to have to promote their business.

Facebook offers great tools and if you know how to use them effectively, you can see an increase in the number of new referrals coming in your practice. To achieve this you will  have to create a fan page for your business. Once you have done that then you get people to engage with the page, by liking it, then sharing & commenting on posts consistently. You should engage your FB fans in a social way instead of just providing static information about what you do. You need to be more creative to get your fans involved enough with your fan page to want to like and share your posts.  Think about your client’s interests instead of your own when writing posts.  Share fun and entertaining content when ever possible.  Tell stories that resonate with your fans.  These are some of the things you should be doing regularly to increase engagement with your fan page, and ultimately, drive in customers to your business.

In the following video, I talk more about how you can use Facebook to grow your practice and get more new patients coming in. Take a look!”

If you have any questions, or would like a complimentary consultation on using Facebook to grow your practice or business, click the following link:, or call me at 508-942-3229!

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Make Connections and Watch Your Business Grow

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Interesting what can happen when you keep an open mind and make connections by networking with new people you meet.  The most unlikely person may be able to provide you with a lead or opportunity to exponentially grow your business if you just take the time to get to know them a little bit more.   And don’t just get to know their business; you find out what they are all about, what their passion in life is, where they live, what activities they participate in, their likes and dislikes.

Connect on a personal level and you will be surprised at how people respond to you.  People like attention and like to talk about themselves when asked to do so.  If you show interest and truly listen to them, you will find golden nuggets of opportunity that pop up for you.  This is what happened to me this week at a conference I was at.  See the video below to learn about how I benefited from just getting to know someone new:

One more thing, after you have gotten to know your new connection, make absolutely positively sure you find out if there is anyway you can be of help to them in their business or lives in general.  Even if you cannot, the person will appreciate it and more often or not, reciprocate with a way they can help you.  Pretty cool when it happens.

You can make this strategy a way to build leads for your business just by using it at networking events in your region.  Spend the time at a networking event just meeting people and asking about them.  Listen closely and bring a note book if you have trouble remembering details of conversations.  I am confident you will come away from such an event with more positive leads and information than you ever did before by employing this “get to know them better” strategy.

Good luck and thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or if you would like me to show you how I can help you find an additional $15,000.00 in revenue for your business in 45 minutes, then e-mail me at: and we can set up a time to do so.   Thanks again.


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Using Webinars to Promote Your Business

Using Webinars to Promote Your Business

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

If you want to talk to a big group of your prospects simultaneously at a time and location convenient to them, then webinars are the way to go. Start using webinars to promote your business!

Webinars allow you to present details of the benefits your business will provide your potential customers, create engagement and interaction with them, and give you a proven way to get them to the most important step in your marketing funnel – the buying decision. So using webinars to promote your business really works and provide you with some really useful information.

I go into a few reasons why these videos are a great marketing tool in this video below.

Check it out:

Webinars are a great marketing tool and very easy to do. Make sure you stand out from your competition by being creative and offering valuable and engaging information on your webinars. This will help you grow your business.

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How to Create E-Mail Marketing Messages That Get Views

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Some “experts” out there say E-mail Marketing is dead. Well, that is true if you are sending out boring, uninformative and non-engaging messages that are only promoting some special or discount your company is offering.

E-mail will be opened by your prospects and customers if and only if they truly value everything that you send them.  In this short video I discuss the things you need to do to make your e-mails worth reading.

If you are having trouble developing e-mail messages that get opened by your prospects or customers, then call me at 508-942-3229 or click if you would like to talk to me and discuss how I can help you with your e-mail marketing strategy in more detail!

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The Importance of Customer Surveys and Tracking Buying Habits

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

You may think you understand your customers and their buying habits, but do you have tangible evidence to show that you do? If not, then you may be out of touch with their reality and therefore at risk of losing them to your competitors.

There are a few ways to prevent this from happening. The first is to conduct periodic customer surveys and use their responses to improve or develop products/services that fit their wants and needs.

The other is by tracking their buying habits with respect to product/service type, cost, and frequency of purchase. This short video discusses surveys and tracking systems in more detail.

After you have viewed the video, connect with me at: if you would like some more specific information on how to develop customer surveys and tracking systems that will help you keep your customers in “your stable”.

Feel confident that you know what your customers are all about? Great! Now, check out this video on how to get your customers to refer more people to your business: Thanks for watching and reading!

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Strategic Marketing – Best for Generating More Sales for Your Business

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

One of the things you are probably going to focus as you grow your business is marketing.  You’ll want to promote your business in a way that it quickly increases the number of customers you have and increases your business revenue.

One way you’re not going to be successful promoting your business is if you’re using tactical marketing instead of strategic marketing. Tactical marketing is basically what you see all around you, i.e. the various avenues that people use to promote their businesses – TV, Facebook, newspapers, direct mail, Google Ads, etc.

Unfortunately, most people who use tactical marketing are just bombarding prospects with the same old stuff.  There’s no call to action, there’s no attention grabbing headlines or announcements, and they don’t offer you any compelling reason why you should buy.

For example, if you look at a Buick commercial from a few years ago, you see Tiger Woods getting into a Buick after playing golf.  He says a couple of words about the quality of Buick and that’s it.  There’s no incentive for you to really go look at a Buick, there’s no information that makes Buick stand out against all the other cars. There is just Tiger Woods there and it is implied that just because he’s a great golfer, you should consider buying a Buick as well.

Same thing with those silly Geico commercials with the Gecko. He is walking down the street on the Brooklyn Bridge, says a couple of things, looks cute and funny and he is talking about car insurance or whatever. Geico commercials just bombard you with the gecko and his being adventurous. It doesn’t really give you any compelling reason why Geico is any better than any other auto insurance company out there.

It is great if you can bombard your prospects with the same message over and over again so maybe they will remember you, but I can tell you that the Geico commercials and the Buick commercials don’t compel me to go buy. In fact, I use other products instead of those. For all the money that these big companies spend doing this form of marketing, I don’t see them having much success.

Now in your case, you’re a small business owner or home business owner and don’t have that money to start branding yourself and bombarding people with your message over and over again. There’s no way you can do it and if you did, you would probably annoy people. Who doesn’t turn off the TV or change the channel when commercials are on?  Most people do.

So keep that in mind when you’re creating your marketing message; tactical marketing only works when your messages have a strategy behind them.  So, you need to create a strategic marketing plan.  A strategic marketing plan takes your leads and prospects through a cycle of getting information and positioning you as an expert on the products and services that you’re going to deliver and giving them compelling reasons to buy from you.

There is a step by step process you need to take them through. It takes patience, understanding what type of message to use, and what type of offers to make at what points in time. This way your prospects are gently taken to the process without feeling like all you’re trying to do is sell them your products or service.

You’re not saying “here I am, here’s my stuff, come buy from me.” You’re saying “Hey, let me give you some more information, let me gently take you to the information process so that you feel comfortable with your decision to buy from me.” That’s strategical marketing and that’s really what you want to focus on when developing a marketing plan for your business.

We’re going to talk a little more about strategic marketing in upcoming blog posts and how you can really create a good strategic marketing plan for your business. So stay tuned for those.

In the meantime, if you want help developing a strategic marketing plan, I can definitely do that for you. I have a tool that actually provides small business owners and home business owners the skills to make an ad copy, strategic marketing copy that you can actually take, modify and implement successfully for  your business without having to reinvent the wheel. It’s a program that offers marketing information and ideas for 45 different industries. You can essentially copy and paste these ideas and use them for your own marketing purposes.

If you like to talk me about it and also develop your strategic marketing plan, schedule a consult with me right now by clicking the link below:

I’ll be happy to talk with you and get to know a little more about your business to learn how I can help you develop a strategic marketing plan that is easy to implement and will get you to see a lot more revenue and a lot more customers sooner than you think.

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How to Develop a Plan for Your Business – Part 4

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Continuing from my previous posts on how to develop a plan for your business, today what I want to talk to you about is creating action plans.  Action plans support the strategies and objectives that you’ve written as part of your one page business plan. If you haven’t watched my previous videos on creating a business plan, I highly recommend you do so. The One Page Business Plan is a book that was developed by Jim Horan. You can get it on I highly recommend you do so if you’re looking to create a road map for your business.

So, writing action plans is the last step in creating your one page plan. Action plans are basically taking the strategies you decided to use and the objectives that you want to hit and putting in them into play.  You create an action step to implement the strategies you have chosen to improve your business.

For example, maybe one of your strategies is creating a strategic marketing plan for your business.  Well then you need action steps to put that strategy to work for you. So the first thing you might do is determine who it is you’re going to market to.  So your action step then would be formatted like this: an action word, your project name, and then a date for getting the action done by.

For example, if you’re going to work on a strategic marketing project it might be something like this: develop, that’s your action word; initial sales funnel for strategic marketing project; by ” X” date (a date that is two to twelve weeks out), a goal for you to get that action step accomplished.

Generally your action plans are created within a quarterly time frame at most.  Some action steps might take less time, so you replace your completed action steps with new ones as you go along to support the strategies that you decided to implement for your business.

Your action steps are basically telling you what you need to do and give you focus for starting to build your business. If you don’t have focus and you are just randomly doing stuff and not spending your time with the things that are going to make you money, well, you’re not going to get anywhere. The action plans are what help you move your business forward, so they are a key part of developing your one page business plan.

If you’re a small business or home business owner and you are looking to get some help on creating action plans that will keep you focused and build your business quickly, I can be of service. All you need to do is contact me and request a complementary consult by clicking the following link:

I’ll be happy to get to know you, find a little more about your business and help you develop action plans as well as a one page business plan that really puts your business on the right track for success.

So, request your consult now. I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your business.

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How To Develop a Plan for Your Business: Part 3

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Today I want to continue the conversation that I started a couple of posts/videos ago with respect to using the One Page Business Plan for your business.  Now, the One Page Business Plan is a book by Jim Horan and you can pick up on I highly recommend that you get it. In the book, he talks about setting your mission, vision, objectives, strategies and action plans for your business. In previous posts in this series, I talked about developing your mission and vision statements as well as your objectives.  Today we’re going to take the next step and talk about developing your strategies.

Your strategies have to support your objectives. So if one of your objectives is to increase your business revenue from $200K to $500K in one year, well then you need a couple of strategies to support that objective. So the formula for writing strategies is “the goal, (which again is your objective) + how + how + how.

For example, your goal again is increase your revenue to $500K by

  1. developing your strategic marketing plan
  2. increasing your advertising budget so you can get the word out to more prospects
  3. try some new network marketing strategies including BNI and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Those are three strategies you can use to help build your business revenue by sales and marketing, just an example.

Again the formula is goal + how + how + how.  So for every objective that you write, if you have six objectives that you wrote in your one page plan, you should have six strategy statements with three strategies each that support that particular objective. Once you have created and understand the strategies you’re going to use, then you can develop the action plans which support the strategies.  I’ll talk about developing action plans in the next video/post.

Now if you’re a small or home business owner and you are having some trouble developing and coming up with some strategies that you want to implement for growing your business, then you can request a complementary consult with me by clicking here. I’d be happy to chat with you, learn a little more about your business and talk about the strategies that might be the best for building your business in the next year.

If you’re looking for a program or business opportunity that basically has all of the strategies you will need built in for you to build a successful business, well you can try this online franchise model that I’ve been recommending in the previous videos:

Take a look at the presentation video. Again, it’s a great program for helping you build an online business very successfully and very quickly because it gives you all the tools to do so and assists you with putting in the strategies you need to make it successful.

Thanks again for watching and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

Business plans are essential for business growth.

How To Develop a Plan for Your Business: Part 2

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

So, let’s talk about setting objectives for your business.  In the previous post I made here on bestPT, I talked about with utilizing the One Page Business Plan by Jim Horan. After you develop your vision and mission statements, the One Page Business Plan guides you on how to develop your objectives. Objectives are really your goals. And they are goals that are measurable – things that you can track and make sure you are achieving throughout the year. Your objectives are generally set up for a one year time frame.

And really the formula goes like this: Verb + Noun from what to what. For example, you may have a goal of increase, that’s your verb, your revenue (noun) from zero dollars to a hundred thousand dollars (from what to what) and that’s within a year’s time frame. Objectives are written with a one year time frame in mind.

Objectives need to be measurable – things that you can track, that you can see the growth on at the end of the year and make sure that you achieved your goals. They don’t have to be just goals that you are looking to increase on either. Maybe you have a customer cancellation problem. For example my physical therapy business, we have patients who cancel their visits.

One goal that we’ve always had is decrease, that’s our verb, patient cancellations, that’s the noun from 10% to 9%. That was our goal for last year and this year we are at 9% so next year our goal will be decrease patient cancellations from 9% to 8%. That will be the objective for the entire year and we will track it using spreadsheets to see that we’re actually on track for that goal throughout the course of the year.

In the next couple of videos, I will discuss creating the strategies and action plans needed to support your objectives, all necessary components of the one page business plan guide.   Check out the video now for more on writing objectives.

Again, check out my next post. I’ll talk about on how you set up your strategy planning using the one page business plan. If you’d like to talk to me directly on using this tool or anything else about your business, you can click to schedule a complementary consult with me.   I’ll be happy to chat with you, learn more about you and find ways to help you build your business.

If you are currently in the process of looking for a great business that you can get involved with, that has all this planning in place for you already, you can click and it will take you to a presentation about an online franchise model that I recommend for my clients. Maybe it’s something that will resonates with you and give you an opportunity to build a business online.

Thanks again for watching. I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Have a great day!

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How To Develop a Plan for Your Business: Part 1

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Hey it’s Steve Messineo from Today I wanna talk about developing your mission and your vision statement for your business as you develop your one-page business plan. Once again, yesterday I talked about The One Page Business Plan by Jim Noran, a book that you can see on the screen. I highly recommend you take a look. Just click the link and you’ll be taken to amazon. In a separate page in your browser, you can buy the book there.

So the first thing you need to do with a one-page business plan is develop your vision statement. It allows you essentially to define what your business is gonna do over the next year or several years depending on how you wanna approach it. I like to ready to plan year over year and have a plan in place for the year that I’m currently working in in my business.

Vision statement basically defines what you’re gonna do is from the growth standpoint for your company, what your company is, who the customers that you serve and what type of products or services that you offer to those customers and what your goals are for the year coming up, whether be revenue wise or customer service wise or what have you. That is your vision statement. It’s a little bit broader statement but it’s something that when you develop the statement, it’s something that you want to resonate especially if you’re a small business owner and you have employees and you want the people on your team in your business to buy in to your statement. You wanna have it resonate with them and also resonate with your customers. It should be something that if you were to present it to one of your customers, they’ll go “oh that’s pretty cool, I like that. I’m coming to get service” because they appreciate your vision statement. So you wanna make sure it’s customer service oriented in that respect as well. Again, the strategies for building this vision statement are found in the book so I highly recommend you get it.

After you built your vision statement you’re gonna create your mission statement. Your mission statement is really why you exist and why you exist for your customers. For example, Nike’s mission statement is ‘Just do it.’ My mission statement for my coaching business is ‘proven solutions to grow your business’; Dunkin’ Donuts, ‘America runs on Dunkin’. It’s essentially your slogan but in some ways it should resonate your customers as well. It’s a statement that’s generally 8 words or less and should be catchy. Something that people are going to remember for example, in my physical therapy business, one of our mission statements used to be “Your road to recovery starts here” and something that people will remembered in the community when it came time to getting a physical therapy services. So try to come up with something that is memorable, that is short and sweet, and that is customer oriented. In other words the slogan relays what you’re going to do for your customers.

Those are the first 2 steps in developing a one-page business plan. Once again, you can get that book on amazon. Here’s the link to the page on amazon where you can get it. Also if you like to talk with me and have me help you build your one-page plan, that’s something that I do with all my clients, I’ll be happy to talk to you about doing so. You can click this link Get yourself scheduled for a one on one consultation with me where we talk about what type of business you’re building, what type of business you’re looking into, and the steps that you need to put in place to develop a great plan forward.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.