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At its October 11. 2007 conference call, the FSBPT Board of Directors increased the current credit requirements in the Coursework Evaluation Tool effective April 1, 2008:

  1. General coursework: From 54 to 60 credits
  2. Non Clinical Professional Education: From 46 to 67 credits
  3. Total Professional Education: From 69 to 90 credits
  4. Total General and Professional Education: From 123 to 150 credits

You can find a copy of the April 2008 Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT) in the Regulatory Tools section to the left.

Rationale: The FSBPT Delegate Assembly adopted the 4th Edition Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT) in 2004, and delegated the responsibility of reviewing and updating the CWT to the FSBPT Board of Directors. The current minimal standard for physical therapist education on the CWT is 54 credits in general education and 69 credits in professional education. The professional education credits include a minimum of 800 hours (16.6 credits) of supervised clinical training.

CAPTE adopted new criteria for physical therapy education programs in January 2006. This proposed increase reflects the current minimum credit hours in a US physical therapy education program as reported by CAPTE.

Note: This does not change the course content of the 4th Edition of the Coursework Evaluation Tool. It only changes the required credits in general and professional education. For this reason, the 4th Edition remains the current CWT. The Board of Directors is currently evaluating the need to change the course content based on when US trained physical therapy students will graduate from programs that have implemented the new 2006 CAPTE evaluative criteria. When this occurs, the Board will adopt the 5th Edition of the CWT.

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