Physical Therapy Billing Software Integrated Services

Physical Therapy Billing Software Integrated Services

We want you to drive your practice to new success. We have collaborated with several services that give you the means to accomplish that success.

The following vendors and services are already integrated with bestPT to enhance your customer experience. These services can be accessed anywhere at anytime because bestPT is cloud based.

To make use of these integrated services, open a task to your Practice Profitability Coach.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Clinicmaster is integrated into software.Clinicmaster

Read More has partnered with Clinicmaster. Clinicmaster is designed to continue the growth of your clinic. Managing just one or hundreds of professionals is easy! Clinicmaster will automatically track a wealth of information for you regarding all facets of your business. By increasing productivity and eliminating repetitive tasks, Clinicmaster will empower you and your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities. 


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WebPT is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) that’s integrated seamlessly with our system, combining the strength of our billing and workflow management system with their very popular documentation platform.

Cedaron is integrated into bestPT billing software.Cedaron APTA Connect

Read More has partnered with Cedaron to provide Connect.  Connect was created through a partnership between APTA, ASHT, and the AOPT with Cedaron Medical Inc, it is a point-of-care, computerized patient record system designed specifically for PTs, OT’s, and SLP’s.  Although it was originally designed for PTs, it also contains specialized documentation for other health care professionals.

BDX has partnered with Empower Technologies to provide Sonosoft Electronic Medical Records. Sonosoft offers a faster way to document your patient visits, exams and procedures. SonoSoft is a simple “point and click” solution to eliminating dictation that won’t slow you down. Time is one of your most valued assets and SonoSoft Saves Time!. For this reason, working smarter and not harder, it is essential.SonoSoft EMR

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bestPT has partnered with Empower Technologies to provide Sonosoft Electronic Medical Records.  Sonosoft offers a faster way to document your patient visits, exams and procedures.  SonoSoft is a simple “point and click” solution to eliminating dictation that won’t slow you down.  Time is one of your most valued assets and SonoSoft Saves Time!.  For this reason, working smarter and not harder, it is essential.

Epic EHR

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Epic is a cloud-based EHR solution catering to a number of specialties. The software is in use across a broad range of practices, from community hospitals and independent practices to multi-specialty hospital groups and hospice care providers

Patient Engagement

physical therapist billing software by bestPTZingIt Solutions

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The Zingit Solutions platform is a web based solution to help you establish and maintain loyal, satisfied patients. Optimize the efficiency of your practice by allowing your staff to focus on more important things like the patients that are already in your office. You can stop patient no shows, book more appointments, re-activate patients plus send birthday and holiday cards directly to them.

bestPT physical therapy billing softwareReminderCall

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Prevent No Show patients in your Physcial Therapy Practice and enjoy better relationships with your patients.  ReminderCall is fully integrated into the bestPT billing software with many features.  You can send appointment reminder calls, reminder text messages and reminder emails from your EHR, EMR, scheduling software or spreadsheet. You can customize everything, from voices and languages to delivery dates, times and frequencies. Create collections alerts, closure notices and other messages. We help you adhere to FCC, TCPA, CANSPAM and HIPAA guidelines.

physical therapy billing software by bestPTNotifyMD

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NotifyMD, a Stericycle Communications Solutions Company, is the leader in connecting patients and providers through standard and customized communication solutions that enhance patient access and improve patient and provider satisfaction, making these services essential to every practice. We are able to quickly implement this breakthrough solution for small practices, large medical groups and other healthcare providers playing a pivotal role in patient care delivery.

Patient Education and Rehabilitation


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The revolutionary online tool providing step-by-step video exercise demonstrations for health care professionals to distribute to any patient requiring rehabilitation, strengthening or stretching. Once you have an account, you have access to hundreds of specialized exercise videos. You prescribe them to your patients or clients based on their specific needs. They get the videos sent directly to them via email.


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Combines 3D animation with a Huge Library Of Rehab Exercises. This application is a unique product including the best condition based 3D animation video library and the most complete rehab exercises tool available on the market. Patients are educated about their specific condition and the required exercises for proper rehabilitation. This program is complete and so easy to use, it improves patient’s understanding. A complete list of animations includes more than 300 animations, divided into 19 categories. Choose from the latest researched exercise and stretch images, or import your own images. It is easy to create your own protocols or choose from the pre-loaded protocols.

Management Consulting

PT Management Consulting

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Measurable Solutions is a management training and consulting company that specializes in training physical therapists to successfully run and expand their practice. Measurable Solutions offers in-house and online management training, with offices in Clearwater, Florida as well as Seattle, Washington.

Business Management Consulting

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Our goal is to establish a seamless operation. an operation that runs effectively and efficiently and absolutely meets the needs of your clientele. A patient’s experience begins with the first phone call and then they should move through a system of the highest efficiencies including excellent customer service, the best in healthcare treatment and a complete understanding of their financial responsibilities.

Mike Walsh

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Get Your Clinic Financials Turned Around With Mike Walsh and The bestPT Excellence Center. You can call Mike a bestPT Power User – He knows the system. He knows physical therapy. He knows how to make your practice profitable – All while improving the lives of each owner and staff. Mike Walsh works closely with the development team and staff at bestPT. Mike’s energy and enthusiasm for physical therapy and practice management is infectious. His knowledge of the bestPT Billing, EHR, and TeamFlow physical therapy practice management solution is deep. This combination makes him ideally suited for almost any practice management challenge.

Patient Engagement Consulting

Your Biz Success Coach

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Steve Messineo, PT, DPT is the owner of All-Access Physical Therapy and Fitness Academy in Shrewsbury, MA. He has owned and operated his private out-patient physical therapy clinic for 12 years growing from a 600 square foot clinic serving 100 patients a week to a 4300 square foot clinic serving over 400 patients a week with a staff of 14 employees. Steve attributes the success of his business to the various mentors and coaches he has worked with over the last 12 years and the implementation of various systems throughout his businesses that improve work efficiency, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and increase profit margins. The implementation of these systems has also allowed Steve to pull away from clinical practice to develop his coaching business serving PT clinic owners and other wellness practitioners. Steve’s goal is to help clinic owners achieve success financially and create the ideal life balance for themselves so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor while serving their clients and growing their practices.

Physical Therapy Marketing

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What we do is install and implement a system in your business that gives you more control over patient leads without requiring you to divide your time between delivering care and struggling to manage your marketing. If your current marketing program does not do that, then it is not working right. We fix that.

Credit Card Processing


 Fortis Credit Card Processing

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Fortis Payments is a credit card processing system that’s built into the bestPT software. You can take credit and debit payments right in your patient’s account. You also get group discount rates on the processing fees, so you not only save money, you save your front office staff a lot of time. Get rid of that old clunky terminal on a phone line and use real-time processing online securely.

Compliance Consulting

Healthcare Management

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Genco is a leading provider of compliance advisory services to Therapists, Physicians, Surgeons and other ancillary healthcare providers. We also work closely with healthcare attorneys as they prepare a defense or Corrective Action Plan for their clients who have been audited, or subject to prepayment review. This gives us immediate, first hand knowledge of what the auditors are looking for and is invaluable to our clients.