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Grow Your Practice With Task Checklists

How Do You Track Every Task in Your Physical Therapy Practice?

Physical Therapy Practices repeat the same list of tasks for each patient and for other processes in the office as well. Are all of those tasks getting done? How do you assign tasks to various staff members? Post-it-Notes? How do you know if your staff has completed all of their work today? Do you have a system in place to track it?

Imagine a system that automatically assigns tasks to your staff with a few clicks. Imagine a tool that tells your staff exactly what needs to be done today and they actually get it done. Imagine a practice owner having 100% follow-up with every task for every patient. Imagine the increased revenue for your Physical Therapy Practice and the happy staff who know what to do each day without being told.

Well, imagine no more. The tool is called bestPT Task Checklists and you can learn about it in this 15 minute webinar. It will be time well spent.