Physical Therapy Billing | Track claims to improve cash flow

physical therapy billing payment performance“With bestPT I can track claims by payer or by patient. I can track by almost anything you can think of.”

– Dr. Kevin McGovern, DPT, McGovern Physical Therapy Associates

North Shore, Massachusetts


My name is Dr. Kevin McGovern. I’m a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach. I own McGovern Physical Therapy Associates. We have four locations in the North Shore of Massachusetts, we have 35 employees. We are averaging about 725 visits, and we’ve been in business since March 15 of 2000.


You know my goals are to certainly make an efficient physical therapy practice where people want to come to work at and certainly improve my cash flow. Where we have the most difficulty in terms of Physical Therapy Billing is with the liability insurance companies, motor vehicle, workers’ comp. Since going to bestPT, who is now billing stuff electronically, I got an automobile check within fifteen days, which is like winning the lottery. I have never seen that in ten years of practice.
Well we had an archaic system before. We had many different Physical Therapy Billing systems blending into one that allegedly talked to one an other, but sometime that didn’t always happen, and the tracking of a claim was next to impossible.


With BestPT Physical Therapy Billing Software I can track claims by payer, I can track them by patient, I can track them by almost anything you can think of. So being able to go in and see problems even before they’re happening, or you can see it getting to a point where we may want to check on this, is invaluable. As we have been working together, the problems with Physical Therapy Billing claims have been severely diminishing, so most of them have been going out. Our cash flow is up $10,000 a week, so something is going right.