Physical Therapy Billing | Medicare Reimbursements at Risk

Physical therapy billing and medicareWe recently identified practices that CMS is requiring re-validation of your NPI and Tax ID credentialing directly with CMS in order to receive medicare reimbursements.  If you or your practice have not re-validated your credentialing recently with CMS, they may require you to re-validate in the very near future.  

According to Medicare, any practice that they have targeted should receive a letter notifying the practice that this re-validation is required. The practice has 60 days from the post-mark date of the letter to submit a complete credentialing application.  If this application is not submitted within this time frame, then Medicare will revoke your billing privileges and stop all reimbursements.

We strongly urge you not to wait for a letter, but to take action now by contacting CMS to see if your NPI number is on the list.  To see if you are on any of these target lists, CLICK HERE!

Please click here to see a sample notification and be on the lookout for this notification as this will continue to March 23, 2015.

If you have any other questions, please contact your SPOC.