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A Must Read for Every Owner of a Rehab or Physical Therapy Practice

Yaffa Liebermann (Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 220 White Plains Road, Suite 550, Terrytown, NY 10591)

This review is from: Medical Billing Networks and Processes – Profitable and Compliant Revenue Cycle Management in the Internet Age (Hardcover)

Physical therapists have a strong background and foundation in clinical orthopedics, physics, biomechanics, anatomy, neurophysiology, physiology, medical diagnostics for physical therapists, histology, and all other related subjects. That is the knowledge that we acquire when preparing for our profession.

But, the physical therapy education programs do not prepare us for the harsh realities of daily physical therapy billing struggles with insurance companies in order to get our services paid in full and on time. The physical therapy program graduates lack basic knowledge about payer-provider adversity, HIPAA compliance, audit mechanics, SOAP note management, reporting tools, practice profitability metrics, and outsourcing opportunities. Additionally, the programs do not teach us how to use modern computer technology to leverage our collective health care and practice management knowledge.

Nobody is better positioned to close such a major knowledge gap than Dr. Yuval Lirov. As CEO of Vericle, a leading-edge medical billing and practice management technology vendor, Dr. Lirov has a unique opportunity to implement state of the art methodologies and test them on both small and large-scale PT practices. Dr. Lirov delivers an easy to read and highly informative expertly written book. Medical Billing Networks is a must read for every owner of a rehab or physical therapy practice.

Yaffa Liebermann, PT, GCS, CEO

Prime Rehabilitation Services, Inc.