Physical Therapy Documentation Shortcuts

Our most popular xDocs templates:

  • Insurance Verification: Have relevant insurance information right there on the page with our v.2014.
  • Check lists: Create a custom checklist to review treatments with your patients, plan future treatments, or provide your patients with what they need to complete.
  • Grids: Keep a top-down view of all the details you need but don’t necessarily need for reporting.
  • Daily Notes: Some providers like a simple template with basic info. Others prefer a little more detail. Either way, xDocs can provide a fast solution.

Our documentation platform is maturing into an essential part of Physical Therapy practice management. Providers are loving our improvements and new template designs for editing and printing. In the last 12 months, the number of patient visits documented on xDocs has tripled.


Physical therapists are beginning to realize the power of having fast, simple documentation in the travel card and on patient files. It’s easy to create, edit, review and sign documents in xDocs. Here are some trends we’ve noticed from our practices with the highest visit rates and the lowest A/R over 120 days:

  • Less is more. Extra information makes it harder for you to find relevant information later. Place only the most relevant details in addition to the compliance requirements. Payers make it hard enough on you already; there’s no need to complicate it further.
  • More than just a paper substitute. If you find yourself writing the same things again and again, you can request that the xDoc have those phrases built in as defaults, or as an option to click and fill out the form automatically. Clicking or tapping a field is much quicker than writing it out.
  • Not all in one form. The providers who use xDocs the most get paid the most — and they’re not paying for bulkier, slower systems. xDocs is organized to be quickly accessed and reviewed; providers have much better results when they keep the documents organized for their purpose. While we have and are improving the comprehensive evaluations, the providers who treat more patients and get their payments, split the reporting documents from the recording documents. The insurance companies and Medicare don’t need to see many of the visit’s details; you’re just giving them more ammo to come up with reasons to delay or withhold the payments for your work. Our combined experience is used to help ensure you document everything that you need for your payors and nothing that you don’t need.

If you do not currently use xDocs, ask your Coach about getting started.
Your Coach can review your existing documents to help you get the best results.