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physical therapy billing software_Healing Star Dream Practice

Philip Joshua MPT, COMT, OCS (on left) – Trina Peduto Colford, Front Desk Coordinator – Varghese Paul MPT, COMT (on right)

Healing Star Physical Therapy is a shining example of a growing dream practice with steady improvements in billing, workflow optimization and patient relationships.

Building a dream practice requires a concerted team effort, expertise, and hard work. At Healing Star, Philip Joshua MPT, COMT, OCS, Varghese Paul MPT, COMT, and Front Desk Coordinator Trina Peduto Colford work together to achieve this goal. They balance all aspects of practice management with bestPT physical therapy software and billing services.

Optimizing the workflow with the right methodology and software eliminates stress and frees up time, so that both PTs at Healing Star can help more patients. With plans for opening another practice later this year it is clear that they are mastering both, workflow optimization and patient relationships.

Practice Radar (June-July 2013):

physical therapy documentation_Healing Star radar

Total # of Practice Tickets: Total amount of tickets on all practice workbenches.
AR 120: The percentage of insurance claim balances that were entered into the system over 120 days ago but are still not paid.
Total Billed: Totals the amount of services billed to insurance carriers and patients during that month.
Total Collected: Total amount collected from insurance and patient payments.
# Workbench Claims: Number of claims needing to be addressed.

physical therapy documentation_Candace SPOC

Profitability Coach Candace Coleman

Some of the reasons behind the successful growth of this PT practice are that the entire staff embraces bestPT’s methodology, ticketing system and coaching from their SPOC Candace Coleman.  Trina describes Candace as ‘Very helpful and patient with me – 5 thumbs up!’

Profitability Coach Candace Coleman:
“Ultimately, everyone at Healing Star understands the purpose of workflow tracking, accountability and teamwork. As case in point, Colford addresses the practice workbench each day while bestPT’s billing team aggressively follows up on claims to keep the AR over 120 days low.”