Physical Therapy Software | Your Starter Kit

Physical Therapy SfotwareIf you truly want to reach your practice’s potential as outlined in the Opportunity Analysis (OA), you could take advantage of available training for available system features. Granted, learning how to use a new physical therapy software system effectively to improve your practice performance can be quite challenging. But without investing the time to learn the system tools, you won’t be able to take advantage of the full scope of the system. Only by understanding the true value of the system and the methodology behind it, will you successfully use it and eventually accomplish building your dream practice.

You may think that the responsibility of learning your new physical therapy software lies with only some of your staff. Improving the billing performance at your practice requires a concerted team effort. That will only be possible if each and every team member can proficiently use the same system. Naturally, that includes you as practice owner since you are the only person who can make vital practice decisions or sign off on notes.

Of course, bestPT’s support team utilizes the exact same system you use in your practice in order to help you achieve your goals. Just like you, we use tickets and workbenches to communicate and track all tasks. And in case you need to modify bestPT physical therapy software to match your practice workflow better, we can show you how to customize and configure your account, or we will do it for you. Since your success is our success, bestPT’s support efforts also consist of answering any questions you may have concerning the effective use of our physical therapy software system. Because if you don’t make any profit, neither will we.

The easiest and quickest way to get help is via our In-System Help Pages. Simply click on the question mark located in your area of interest whenever you run into a problem or just can’t remember how to use a particular system feature.

For a more interactive approach you can participate in our weekly Live Help Sessions or contact your SPOC. Last but not least, our Specialized Help Webinars and blog updates with videos provide in-depth information on selected topics. You can also access the online tutorials at any time of your convenience in the Vericle Academy. Access to the training table with topics of tutorials, skills acquired, and required times for completion will be given after joining the bestPT network.