Physical Therapy Billing | Referral Stimulus Program

physical therapy billing referral stimulus program

By Thomas Champine

One of the biggest advantages of choosing bestPT as your physical therapy billing software is the shared knowledge base that we use to fight the insurance giants, a.k.a. the Network Effect. Every day the payers change physical therapy documentation requirements and claims submission rules to make it more difficult for providers to get paid.  How do we fight this?  By increasing the Network Effect!

Increasing our network of physical therapists allows us to improve our awareness of changes in the physical therapy billing policies of various payers.  This increases your ability to get larger reimbursements even faster. BestPT also has a Referral Stimulus Program where you can earn up to an additional $30,000 per year!

You will receive $50 per month for any physical therapy practice that you refer to bestPT starting as soon as they join our network, for as long as they are a member. So if you refer five colleagues and all of them become members you will receive $250 every month, resulting in an extra $3,000 a year for your physical therapy practice!

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