Fortis Payment Systems is integrated with bestPT

Fortis Payment Systems is Integrated with bestPT.

Use Fortis Payment Systems to process credit card payments in real time online, not with a slow telephone terminal.

Fortis Payment Systems is Integrated within the bestPT Software.  You can charge a patient’s card from within their account and you can charge their card easily from the Point of Sale screen as well.  The payments can be tagged separately and they’re automatically posted to the patient’s account.  View this webinar to see other features and to see how it works. Learn more with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page.

assess your physical therapy practice

How Do You Assess Your Practice?

How can you get your finger on the pulse of your practice?

This week’s webinar is about your Collections. How to assess both Insurance and Cash Collections. How do you track your collections? Do you have a tool to monitor the ups and downs with a simple glance at a chart?

The tools to assess and track collections metrics are built into our software and your Practice Success Coach will help you to understand these metrics and their relationships to other metrics. These Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) must be measured to know the health of your Practice.  Learn more with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page.

PT cartoons

Increase Your Cash Flow This Year!

How Can You Increase Your Practice Income?

By using our built-in Point-of-Sale (POS) system!  Use a bar code scanner to create an inventory that your patients would be interested in purchasing.  Use the same scanner to check out your sales and your inventory will be controlled automatically.  A task will open to alert you when products need to be re-stocked.  Learn all about your POS system with this free webinar.  See how easy it is to track your product sales and then see an increase in your bottom line.  See the POS system in action and learn more by watching this free webinar on this page right now.

escrow account for physical therapists

Can You Spend Your Care Plan Escrow Account?

How Do You Track Your Escrow Account?

Learn about your care plan escrow account and about how to legally administer the account. Can you spend it? Should it be kept separate? How do you track it for every patient with a care plan? What’s your total?

See how easy it is to track your escrow account by date range and then see a total with a few clicks in our software. See it and learn more by watching this free webinar on this page right now.

monthly practice health check for physical therapists

What is a Monthly Health Check?

Have you set your practice goals with your Practice Success Coach?

Learn about a Monthly Health Check for your practice and how it can help you. Your Practice Success Coach will help you set goals and KPIs for your practice and then follow-up with you about them each month. You will know immediately if you’re on-track to reach your goals and if not, then your Practice Success Coach will suggest ways to make improvements.  Learn more by watching this free webinar on this page right now.

physical therapist care plan compliance

Care Plan Compliance built into bestPT

Increase Your Patient’s Care Plan Compliance Automatically

Do your patients comply with their care plan? What happens when your patients start to miss their visits?  Are you notified? Do your care plans automate patient reminders?  Discover how to automate your patient’s care plan compliance with this 30 minute webinar.

bestPT physical therapy billing software

3rd Party Software Integrated into bestPT

Find useful Apps in the bestPT App Store

Watch this 20 minute webinar to see how bestPT has added many other company’s products to our software and they’re integrated to make their implementation easy for you.  We’ve added them to a page that we call the “App Store.”  View this short webinar to see them all and then learn more.

You can also view the integrations individually in our App Store.  There are well known names you may recognize… Infusionsoft, ZingIt, ReminderCall, NotifyMD, MDReferralPro, etc.

increase your insurance collections

How to Increase Collections for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Use Your Provider Workbench to Increase Collections

Watch this 35 minute webinar to learn how to increase your insurance collections by getting every claim paid in full and on-time.  Your provider workbench lists every claim that needs your attention and once you provide the missing information, they get submitted and paid. It’s much easier than trying to determine what needs to be done from a list of claims in a report.

increase collections for physical therapy practices

Increase Collections for Physical Therapy Practices

Use Payor Allowed Amounts to Increase Collections

View this free 30 minute webinar to see how to use Payor Allowed Amounts to check if you have been paid on-time and in full for your medical services by the insurance companies.  This built-in feature of our bestPT software shows what you’re supposed to be paid for various CPT codes that you bill out.  Use this to actually see what you were paid and then you can see if it’s an underpayment or not.  Insurance companies are known to underpay by “mistake” as they try to keep money that should be paid to your physical therapy practice.  If an underpayment is detected then the claim can be sent to your billing team for follow-up with that insurance company.  Let them get to the bottom of it for you. Watch the webinar immediately right on this page.

Patient Retention Automation for Physical Therapists

Automate your Patient Retention

View this free 30 minute webinar to see how to automate retaining your patients.  To retain patients you need to educate, sell, communicate, track, measure, follow-up and solicit referrals. Our physical therapy software incorporates built-in patient education and patient communication via email, text and phone calls that can be automated to fit your needs.  Our software also allows you to track your metrics, measure them and follow-up too.  If you can use all of these features, or at least several of them, then your patient retention will increase.