physical therapy software

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Pacific Sports Rehab, LLC

Just click the link below for a free consult. bestPT won’t be calling you because it’s not their style to be aggressive and bug people non-stop. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Been using them for almost four years now since I opened my clinic and I can’t say enough about how smoothly everything has run. They literally take care of everything – my office consists of my laptop and a printer/scanner and a paper shredder. That’s it.

Shecanna Seeley (Director of Rehab Services)

Our experience with bestPT has been very positive. The ability to obtain instant, real-time data regarding patient account information via the internet-based physical therapy billing software has been especially helpful. We are able to focus on patient care knowing that billing and collections are being handled properly. The bestPT staff members are knowledgeable, helpful and quick to respond! We would recommend bestPT to other providers without hesitation.

Nick Roselli Case Study

I am ultra satisfied and extremely happy with the decision we made to go with bestPT. The best feedback I ever received was during my first conversation with our bestPT coach. From that point forward, I changed and I changed my practice. I am able to grow my practice and expand without the added pressures I previously dealt with. bestPT opened my eyes to a better way to do business.

Arizona Physical Therapy

bestPT has streamlined all of our billing procedures, making our office more efficient and more profitable. Their staff is always willing to help me tackle the next insurance hurdle and make sure that the claims keep rolling out. The SWAT team has addressed my individual issues when we were not getting paid from a particular payer and resolved the problem ensuring the fastest and most accurate route so that we could get paid. I have enjoyed working with them for the past year and look forward to many more.

Kid’s Creek Therapy

Our experience with setting up and using XDocs has been great. The team took my original document and was able to transform it into a functional document that we could easily access and use through the system. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to initially make the document. I was also equally impressed at how patient they were with me as we used the document and needed to make adjustments. They did so each time and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. We are looking into the possibilities of streamlining other documents into XDocs now.