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13 New members joined bestPT in October 2014.

Each new member benefits from and contributes to our network strength.

Let’s welcome bestPT newest members!

  1. Elizabeth Hughes and Tenika Watkins of Bassett Physical Therapy, Stanleytown, VA.
  2. Nanette Wilde of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy North Star, Round Rock, TX.
  3. Crystal Braxton of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, TX.
  4. Allison Marie and Mia Brouwer of Bit-By-Bit, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  5. Charles Johnson of Kid’S Creek, Suwanee, GA.
  6. Daniel Midkiff and Krista Crandall of Midlothian Village Physical Therapy, Midlothian, VA.
  7. Lisa Prisco of Mike Walsh Physical Therapy, Milford, DE.
  8. Alyssa Crump of On The Move Pediatrics Therapy, Lexington, KY.
  9. Raeanne Durham of Pearson Physiotherapy Specialists, Craig, CO.
  10. Jaimee Stathem of Tim Soder Physical Therapy, Las Vegas, NV.