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Adding Value to Convert Leads to Sales

by Steve Messineo

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Adding value to your offers is key to converting more leads to sales. Adding value makes your lead/prospect/soon to be customer feel better about considering your product/service and about their decision to buy from you.

Adding value will also lead to more referrals for your business.  If the value you ad to your offers is superior to what any of your competitors are doing, then your prospects will recognize this and share your information with others.

It is also important to understand what additional value your target market would appreciate.  Don’t be afraid to “Give Away the Farm” in your value ad offers.  If your prospect converts to a customer, then you can more than make up for providing additional value by getting them to purchase additional products or services later.  This is what Amazon does with the Kindle.

Think about what kind of additional value you can offer your prospects. The right value ads will lead to more customers for you.

I go into more detail in this video on how to add value for your prospects to make it easier for them to become customers.

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