Physical Therapy Software | Customizing SOAP Notes

Build your Dream Practice by Customizing your Physical Therapy SOAP Notes

Imperfect documentation of patient visits at your physical therapy practice can lower your revenue by taking time away from other income-producing activities. Even worse, a slow documentation system accumulates backlogs of undocumented visits, increasing your risk of failing a post-payment audit.

By using digital xDocs for your physical therapy SOAP notes, you will have more time to treat your patients and as a result increase your profit.  In fact, some customers using xDocs have doubled their clinic’s billing performance in three short months.

Practice A started using xDocs in May. In just three months their billing more than doubled:

It’s all about commitment though, if you don’t make a complete transition to xDocs your results will suffer. By using xDocs inconsistently, you will produce a smaller margin of billing improvement as shown below.

Practice D was using xDocs for less than 12% of the visits and achieved no meaningful improvement in billing performance:

We know change can be hard to adjust to and scary, especially when you trade familiarity and convenience for a more complicated technological process. However, this transition to digital documentation with xDocs will make patient documentation simpler. Our xDocs offer auto-populating forms that fill in patient demographics for you and they can be completely customized to look and work like your old paper forms. xDocs are easy to use from day one.

The best part is that xDocs make EMR follow your workflow. This means you are more likely to follow the SOAP note while you are still with your patient and submit it with the click of a button once the appointment has ended. In doing so, you don’t have to stay behind to catch up on unfinished paperwork after work is done.

Fast submission of SOAP notes directly impacts the billing process. The sooner you get them done, the sooner you get paid. By submitting them early, you get to spend more time treating and receiving more patients, increasing your practice’s profitability. Not to mention that going digital will earn you a meaningful use stimulus from the US Government to encourage EMR/EHR transitions while making it easier to stay on top of any changes made by payers.

Ultimately, the potential uses of xDocs at your physical therapy practice are almost limitless and include required PIP documentation, physical therapy intake forms, visit documentation, care plan tracking or any other special purpose from within bestPT’s cloud-based Vericle platform.