All-Access: More Than Just a PT Clinic

Practice of the Month: All Access Physical Therapy“I came in hobbling,” explains Sophia Knight of her introduction to All-Access Physical Therapy in Shrewsbury, Mass. “I had a problem with my knee. It hurt a lot to do normal things in my day, driving the car.”

All-Access Physical Therapy is more than just a PT clinic.  With its partner All-Access Fitness Academy, the practice is a comprehensive wellness company that helps patients and clients achieve optimal health and fitness in order to live the way they want longer.

“After six weeks of therapy, two times a week, and doing exercises at home, I can now go about almost pain-free,” says Knight. “For the most part, it was an excellent experience. Everybody worked hard, my two therapists and myself, of course.”

When patients come in for their initial appointment, one of AAPT’s therapists will perform an evaluation of their condition and then start a plan of care. As the patient’s injury/condition improves, the physical therapist introduces them to an expert Wellness Trainer and discusses long-term health maintenance options, which may include a home fitness plan or perhaps membership and a program at the All-Access Fitness Academy. AAPT will also communicate with the patient’s physician to let him or her know about the achievement of physical therapy goals.

“It’s a no-brainer way of working out. There’s always somebody there if I’m having a problem,” adds Knight. “And, you know, have my assessments and things like that, so, and, you know, the assessments based on my whole body and moving me forward from here on in. For the first time, after all these years, I feel like I’ve got a team with me, and I feel like I’ve got the support I need to meet my goals.”

“All-Access has been a pleasure to work with since day one,” explains bestPT practice success coach Lisette Acevedo. “I am always excited to see how well they are doing. They know the resources and tools they have and use them to their advantage. This is a practice that uses the system to the fullest extent and the results are undeniable.”