Empathy-O & W Enterprises | Practice of the Month


Striving To Provide “Best in Class” Therapy

When Brad Adams began his physical therapy after shoulder surgery, he wasn’t sure he would ever fully recover. He described the pain as “terrible,” and felt that his progress was extremely slow.

On the other hand, Adams describes his first appointment with Empathy-O&W Enterprises in Bassett, Va. — for a process called “dry needling” — as “amazing.” Within a day, he had “considerable pain relief and increased mobility.”

Empathy-O&W prides itself on being able to provide unique and seamless rehab solutions for companies that have staffing shortages large and small. The company incorporates state of the art tools for our clients and therapists including electronic documentation, integrated billing, compliance software controls and systems. Empathy embraces change management and strives to stay ahead of the curve by developing new and innovative ways to improve therapy delivery.

“Throughout the rest of my PT and dry needling,” says Adams, “I have reached a level of recovery that is remarkable. I was “˜released’ six months after surgery when therapy could have taken up to a year.”

Empathy was founded on six key points of value: Experience, Leadership, Compliance, Profitability, Dependability, and Teamwork. It is their mission to utilize each key value throughout the organization to guide corporate growth and to promote the essential goals of: providing “best in class” therapy, delivering excellence in customer service, and achieving industry leading employee retention. The organization intends to provide patients and partner facilities with the best therapy experience””by providing dependable and teamwork-driven clinicians who deliver organized, structured, and individualized treatments at the highest level of compliance and integrity.

“We wanted to create a company that we would like to work for ourselves; a company that truly embraced the distinct field of therapy, and the collaborative model of patient recovery, as well as a company that is dedicated to the facilities we serve,” says Mark Okafor, president. “We act as a true extension of the healthcare team.”