What Do Successful Practice Owners Have in Common?

So many struggling  physical therapy practice owners focus all of their attention just on the critical tasks that must be done and, often times, little else.   Things like compliance, providing a support team, ensuring the clinic is equipped and functional, getting patients documented, and paying the team and the suppliers consume all of the owners time and attention.  

This means that some areas of the business, such as financial control, performance reporting, marketing, sales management and having a plan for growth, get little or no attention.  The result is a gentle, persistent decline in the practice size, turnover, profitability and value.

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The Five Best Investments You Can Make In Your Business This Year

As we start the new year, we’re all looking for ways to continue to grow and develop our business.  How well were you goals from last year achieved?  And when setting goals for this year, will your goals cost you or will it pay in the long term?

Here are five investments that clinics working with coach Erika Trimble are planning to make in their practice this year:

Happy business in the new year.

How to Prepare for a Happy Business New Year

Prepare for a Happy Business in the New Year

In this current competitive atmosphere, what are the five things you should do to prepare your business for the New Year? Complacency undermines the success of your practice, follow these steps to avoid slowing down your business and to prevent your competition from profiting from your inaction.

Click here, Erika Trimble explains what five things you can do to avoid slowing down your practice’s growth and driving your patients to the competition.

3 Steps to Losing a Referring Physician

A physician usually has a very good reason when they stop referring patients. A recent survey found that most physicians do NOT fully read their therapist reports. Communication, clarity, and customer feedback are critical components when it comes to maintaining your relationship with referring physicians. Erika hopes to help you avoid this possibility all together by discussing the three reasons why your reports aren’t being read:

3 STeps to Losing a Referring Physician

Join Us at the 2016 PPS Conference

Join us in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas at the 2016 PPS Conference!

See us in Las VegasWe’re proud to be a part of this great annual PPS conference again this year.   We’ll be in booth #231 near the PPS Membership and Voting table in the Exhibition Hall, September 20-21st.

It’s always a highlight of the PPS conference for us to meet so many of you, from all over the country, in person.  We look forward to seeing those familiar faces as well as the newer members of our community this year.


What Strategies and Tactics are Working For Innovative Practice Owners

Being a practice owner is a difficult and lonely task.  It’s difficult to know what your competition is doing, and even if you were to ask, they’ll generally only offer guarded responses or exaggerate their successes.   Erika Trimble, renowned business coach, offers a list of what strategies and tactics are being used by the most successful and innovative practice owners, and which ones are working for physical therapists.

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The Movers and Shakers in the Physical Therapy World: What Strategies and Tactics are Working

metrics for physical therapists

Top 10 Metrics You Should Track

What Metrics Should You Track in Your Practice?

Our clients have determined that these are the most important metrics to track in your practice:

  • Collections
  • Patients Visits
  • Charges
  • New Patients
  • No Shows
  • No Future Appointments
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Unbilled Visits
  • Unsigned Notes
  • Claims needing to be corrected by the Practice

They’re all related to each other and they all affect each other.  These Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) must be measured to know the health of your Practice.  Some practices want to track other metrics and that’s easily changed within our PT billing software.  Which ones do you track?  Do you even care about these numbers?

How do you track these metrics? Do you have a tool to monitor them with a simple glance at a chart? The tools to track these numbers are built into our PT billing software and your Practice Success Coach will help you to understand the metrics and their relationships to the other metrics. Your Coach will help you set-up a Practice Health Monitor and that’s where you can see these numbers at a glance at a radar chart.

Other tools are available in our software as well.  Learn more with the free webinar that can be viewed right on this page.

webinars for physical therapists

Using Webinars to Promote Your Business

Using Webinars to Promote Your Business

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

If you want to talk to a big group of your prospects simultaneously at a time and location convenient to them, then webinars are the way to go. Start using webinars to promote your business!

Webinars allow you to present details of the benefits your business will provide your potential customers, create engagement and interaction with them, and give you a proven way to get them to the most important step in your marketing funnel – the buying decision. So using webinars to promote your business really works and provide you with some really useful information.

I go into a few reasons why these videos are a great marketing tool in this video below.

Check it out:

Webinars are a great marketing tool and very easy to do. Make sure you stand out from your competition by being creative and offering valuable and engaging information on your webinars. This will help you grow your business.

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Physical Therapy Cartoon: That guy in the red suit isn’t getting any lighter

Physical Therapy people don’t work on animals do they?

Is Physical Therapy on animals even possible?

Do Physical Therapy practitioners have a sense of humor?  Do physical therapists appreciate physical therapy cartoons?  Do physical therapy people like to laugh at themselves? Have a laugh with “It’s a Stretch,” our weekly physical therapy cartoon. And be sure to let us know what you think of physical therapy cartoons in the Comments section. Share it with friends, colleagues and co-workers.

I have magic elves to make the toys


Have a laugh with “It’s a Stretch,” our physical therapy cartoon. And be sure to let us know what you think in the Comments section. Share it with friends, colleagues and co-workers.