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Generate More Revenue for Your Business with Joint Ventures

by Steve Messineo

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You can utilize the power of internet to generate more revenue for yourself by just referring a product or service to someone else’s business.  This is known as affiliate marketing or joint ventures.  It is also a good way to promote your business because it costs less than advertising as you will see in the example I provide below with respect to my coaching business.

To generate more revenue for your business using this strategy you need to reach out to other business owners to see if they are open to partnering this way. Simply by referring people in your network to the businesses whose services you utilize for your own, you can create a nice source of additional income for you and your business.

I will show you a few examples of how you can do so in this video. (Take a look!)

Here is a personal example; I use Infusionsoft CRM in my business, which I find very useful. If I get one person to start using it I earn $500 just for making a reference. Similarly for each person I refer for the My Online Business Education business (MOBE) I earn $1000.

As you know, I am a business coach.  When someone refers a client to me for my services, and I payout $46 a month for use of my E-Learning system.  I also payout $500 for a referral to my one-on-one coaching service.

As you can see, joint ventures or affiliate marketing is a great way of making money. There are many tools and systems I can suggest for making an extra income stream using this strategy.

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