Generating a Steady Stream of Referrals Is Not That Complex

By Erika Trimblesimplicity

Yes, to generate a steady stream of referrals and grow your practice you need to market. But marketing need not be complex. In fact the easiest and most affordable marketing strategy open to you is to build your client referrals.

This is a case of your clients doing your marketing for you. Consider this fact: people who refers once can refer many more times. They will refer many more times when you nurture your relationships with them. Nurturing your relationships means that you ensure your clients are satisfied, come back to you over and over again. These satisfied clients will always be willing to talk about you to others, and tell them about the great experience they had with you. This is what we call very powerful marketing because such testimonials are proof of the value of your services.

It is important to remember that at the very core of marketing your business is building relationships. Relationships bring you new clients, they influence your reputation, they spread your ideas, and much more.

Bear in mind that it’s not just about quantity of relationships (though that helps), it’s also about quality. Nurturing and cultivating good relationships is what results in having more clients, with less work.

If you’re tired of worrying about how many clients will walk in the door next week, and whether it will be enough to keep your practice afloat, then it is time for you to stop leaving referrals to chance!

Getting your current customers to stick with you is key to your practice’s growth and long-term profitability. When they stick with you, you have every chance of generating even more referrals from them.

In fact, for every 1 percent increase you achieve in customer retention, there’s a 7 percent increase in profitability. That’s huge!

When you lose a customer, it is absolutely worth your time and effort to get them back. Why?

Learning why customers leave your business is the first step in managing your referrals. Once you know the reasons people aren’t returning to you, you can prevent this from happening again.

I know some of you may feel uncertain and overwhelmed when I mention the idea of building referral relationships or even getting referral sources.

Just know there are people and resources to help you. Contact us at to learn how we can help you.