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Get More People to Respond to Your Marketing and Sales Copy – Education

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

There are 4 steps to getting more people to respond to your marketing and sales copy. These 4 steps are all part of the Conversion Equation and they include the Interrupt, Engagement, Education, and the Offer.

This is the 3rd video in the series I have created about the Conversion Equation. For the first one about the interrupt, click here.

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The third step is Education. You need to educate your prospect on the value of your products/services in a way that gets them to believe that they would be an absolute fool if they did not do business with you.

To do that, you must spell out the specific benefits that a prospect will receive when he or she decides to use your product or service. You also need to make sure your copy or presentation demonstrates a great deal of enthusiasm or excitement.

Tell them about the benefits and services wisely. Don’t just say “we offer great prices and discounts”, “we offer excellent customer service” etc.  These are features, not benefits. Instead, tell them that you “are open 24 hours so they don’t have to worry about getting access to your products or  services when they want to”.   Again, state the benefit to the prospect.

Keeping your prospect engaged is very important during the educational portion of your ad copy.  Make it as exciting and informative as possible.

Include testimonials from other customers, data from your business, and celebrity association with your products or services in the education portion of your marketing and sales copy as PROOF of how what you have to offer will work for your target prospect.

The education section of your advertisement should be reliable. Your current or former customers are a good source for feedback on your advertisement.  Show it to them and take their feedback to make your marketing and sales copy even better.  It should even be good enough to make them want to come back again!

By the end of the education section, the prospect should be extremely open and excited about what you have to offer making it easy for you to convert them with an offer they would be foolish to refuse. We’ll talk more about the offer in the next video.

In the meantime, if you would like to see the offer I have for getting more information about the conversion equation AND getting access to a system that will help you easily implement all 4 parts of it into your marketing and sales copy, so you can attract more new customers sooner, click here.