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Get More People to Respond to Your Marketing and Sales Copy – The Interrupt

by Steve Messineo

Owner | Professional Lead Generator & Coach | Connect w/me for Free

Marketing and Sales is a lot like dating. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that impression has to be great if you are going to succeed in getting the person looking at you (or your products/services) to want some more information.

To make a great impression with your marketing and sales copy, and to ultimately get more people to buy your products or services, you need to use the Conversion Equation in your marketing and sales copy writing process.

The first part of the Conversion Equation is the Interrupt. Your goal here is to interrupt your target audience’s stream of consciousness and get them looking at you.

The interrupt is generally a statement (videos, audio, networking) or headline (written copy) that garners attention because it provokes an emotion in your prospect, usually a pain point or problem that the prospect wants solved.

Your interrupt statement breaks your prospect’s steam of consciousness and “stirs the pot” in their brain, making them wonder if you have something that will help to address their problem or pain point.

Creating interrupt statements that really work can be extremely challenging for the average marketer and small business owner. Fortunately, I share a couple of resources in this video that provide proven headline/interrupt statements for you to consider in your marketing efforts.

Watch the video now to learn more, then click the following link here to get access to some great headlines and a few other bonuses to assist you with your sales and marketing efforts: