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How To Develop a Plan for Your Business: Part 3

by Steve Messineo

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Today I want to continue the conversation that I started a couple of posts/videos ago with respect to using the One Page Business Plan for your business.  Now, the One Page Business Plan is a book by Jim Horan and you can pick up on I highly recommend that you get it. In the book, he talks about setting your mission, vision, objectives, strategies and action plans for your business. In previous posts in this series, I talked about developing your mission and vision statements as well as your objectives.  Today we’re going to take the next step and talk about developing your strategies.

Your strategies have to support your objectives. So if one of your objectives is to increase your business revenue from $200K to $500K in one year, well then you need a couple of strategies to support that objective. So the formula for writing strategies is “the goal, (which again is your objective) + how + how + how.

For example, your goal again is increase your revenue to $500K by

  1. developing your strategic marketing plan
  2. increasing your advertising budget so you can get the word out to more prospects
  3. try some new network marketing strategies including BNI and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Those are three strategies you can use to help build your business revenue by sales and marketing, just an example.

Again the formula is goal + how + how + how.  So for every objective that you write, if you have six objectives that you wrote in your one page plan, you should have six strategy statements with three strategies each that support that particular objective. Once you have created and understand the strategies you’re going to use, then you can develop the action plans which support the strategies.  I’ll talk about developing action plans in the next video/post.

Now if you’re a small or home business owner and you are having some trouble developing and coming up with some strategies that you want to implement for growing your business, then you can request a complementary consult with me by clicking here. I’d be happy to chat with you, learn a little more about your business and talk about the strategies that might be the best for building your business in the next year.

If you’re looking for a program or business opportunity that basically has all of the strategies you will need built in for you to build a successful business, well you can try this online franchise model that I’ve been recommending in the previous videos:

Take a look at the presentation video. Again, it’s a great program for helping you build an online business very successfully and very quickly because it gives you all the tools to do so and assists you with putting in the strategies you need to make it successful.

Thanks again for watching and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.