Is Your Physical Therapy Practice Ready for ICD-10?

ICD-10 for Physical Therapists

Our bestPT software was ready last year and our Team has made further refinements this year, including testing it thoroughly. We have prepared for it by adding over 65,000 codes to our software and when you choose an ICD-9 code, you’ll be able to choose from the corresponding ICD-10 codes.

You can submit claims with both included and our claim scrubbers will check them all. We even give you the ability to test everything with a test patient account. Check with your Practice Profitability Coach for more details.  Not our client yet? Then schedule a demonstration.

ICD-10 free Webinars Produced in the Fall of 2015.

See what bestPT has built for you and see exactly how it works, at your convenience.

ICD-10 for Physical Therapy Practices is now upon you

Posted Sept. 9, 2015. Description: Watch this free webinar to understand what we have built for your practice regarding ICD-10. See the new interface. See how ICD-9 codes are mapped to ICD-10 codes. Watch how to find new ICD-10 diagnosis codes with a search tool and how you can mark them as favorites. Learn how to setup a fake patient and a fake payor to practice using the intuitive interface. Run a report to find your most commonly used diagnosis codes from the past year.

ICD-10 for Physical Therapists is here!

Posted Oct. 5, 2015. Description: This free webinar will show you how to use the new ICD-10 interface for choosing diagnosis codes in your documentation. See the mapping of ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes, find the new ICD-10 codes and create favorites. You can also practice using a fake patient and a fake payer with your most common diagnosis codes. Review the backend processes, initial vs. subsequent and macros also.

ICD-10 Macros for Physical Therapy Practices

Posted Oct. 9, 2015. Description: This free webinar on ICD-10 is more specific. It’s all about Macros. They’re the pre-set SOAP Note Macros that are so popular with our software users. The specific macros each contain the repetitive narrative paragraphs that you can insert into your note with a click. These eliminate typing it over and over for each patient. Learn how the macros work and see how you can edit them to make them your own words.

ICD-10 Codes for Physical Therapists

Posted Oct. 14, 2015. Description: Another free webinar on the ICD-10 topic and how our software will make your ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition easy. Macros will not be covered in this one because the previous webinar was all about macros. This webinar will show you the actual system functionality for finding codes, choosing your ICD-10 codes based upon your ICD-9 diagnosis codes, how to search for your codes, plus how to save the codes, save the searches and group them for future use the next day.

View a 3 minute overview of what bestPT has built for ICD-10. Then view the entire 30 minute webinar.

Disclaimer: This is a practice patient in a generic medical practice so none of the codes are accurate.

ICD-10 for physical therapists

Webinars produced in 2014

ICD-10 for Physical Therapists

ICD-10 will soon be upon us on October 1st.  Don’t count on the Federal Government to push this date like they did last year.  Make sure your physical therapy practice is ready by learning from this short webinar.

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ICD-10 for physical therapy practicesThis is the second webinar that we produced on coming ICD-10 changes to your physical therapy practice. Please watch the one above first because this one builds upon that one.

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