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My name is Dr. Scott Levine, and like you, home exercises are essential part of our patients getting better.  Four years ago, I struggled to get my patients to do their exercises. I would hand a patient an exercise sheet and demonstrate the exercises. Eventually, however, after many follow-ups, I realized that many of my patients were getting poor results because they were not doing the exercises on their own, or not doing them properly.

At the time, available exercise videos were limited and of poor quality, so I started to build a software product to help my clients.   The result is – an exercise video delivery service designed to help therapists and their patients.

physical therapy billing integrated exercises is much more than a video-exercise delivery site. It also functions as a marketing, communications and lead generation site. Each exercise is based on functional strengthening.  My background has been specializing in muscle testing and Kinesiology.  I created a 12 hour CE course in to teach those interested in how to test all the muscles for weakness.   Prescribing the appropriate exercise was an important extension.

Imagine the next time you are introduced to someone, and after they hear you are a Physiotherapist, they start to complain about neck pain. Now you can offer a free video exercise program to help improve the musculoskeletal (MSK) complaints of the participants. I can assure you that the majority will decide to come see you after your gift of exercises. Further their interaction is with all your information surrounding the videos.

This software can help you quickly and simply manage these leads by tracking activity and sending messages to the group. Instead of giving your business card to potential patients, you provide them with exercises through the site. As they follow their exercises online, they are also viewing your clinic information so they know how to reach you for further help.  This patient portal becomes an extension to your brand, location and online presence.

The patient portal has a separate patient site called which allows them to view their program on any mobile device. In a marketing and communications capacity, the site allows you to upload your own clinic videos. Think of the possibilities – videos like “Welcome to the Clinic,” “Why Ultrasound,” or introducing yourself to potential clients. Better than youtube, because of the virtual wall that keeps them focused on only your prescribed health videos.

physical therapy billing is integrated with

Additionally, the Physio-Portal gives quick optics on patient engagement which allows you to monitor your patients’ compliance with the recommended exercises or clinic health videos.  I have found that my patients are even more motivated to do their exercises now because they know that I am tracking their progress and keeping them accountable.  Imagine your patient comes in and tells you their back pain has returned, instead of feeling the sole responsibility to getting them better, you can now check their engagement and address if they have not been keeping up with their core routine.  This transfer has changed the responsibility to an equal partnership.

Physio-patient communication has never been easier or more secure with our 2-way messaging system that connects you and your patients.  It is much more responsive than email, and the saved communications can become part of the patient files.

The biggest benefit of the website is its ability to provide high-quality, personalized and easily-accessible exercise programs which improve the quality of your patients’ lives by helping them manage and prevent the pain and disability associated with MSK weakness. Ongoing support and feedback, as well as the ability to access the exercises on their own time will empower your patients to stay active between visits and to have a more direct role in their own health.

This year we are integrating with your Vericle patient management software.  This will allow you to click prescribe exercises right from the patients SOAP notes.  A seamless, quick method to further your patient care without slowing you down.

For any questions about the MyRxX service, or for further information, please email me personally. I would be happy to connect with you and your team.

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2 Click PrescriptionFastSave Time
White LabeledExercises are with your brandingEasy to contact, easy to refer
Drop down searchingNo exercise Knowledge necessaryAccurate Doctor prescriptions
ViewsSee how many times your patient is exercising.Able to motivate and create accountability with your patient.
LeadsKeeps potential patients separate from patient list.

Allows for 1-click prescription to large groups of patients. (ie. Giving a running group stretches)

We recommend giving exercises to everyone you meet. It becomes your electronic business card.
Messaging2-way communication between you and your patientsKeeps you and you patient connected. Patient feels taken care of even when they are not in your office.
Progressions (upto 7 levels)Help patients rehab and get strongerEasy to choose the next exercise by searching for the next level
CustomizableAllows you to create your own programsCreate programs that work for your patient demographic, or simply name the exercise after your clinic.
Patient MobilePatient sees exercises on phone, tablet.Exercise anywhere.
Doctor MobileSend exercises from your phoneTreat from anywhere.
1 License for a clinic of doctors & therapistsUnified look for the clinic, split feeLow cost
Daily Living VideosSelf -searchable videos of ADLHelp prevent injuries
Motivational EmailPatient is reminded of your recommendationsPatient is more likely to exercise.
Functional ExercisesRehab based that are real worldPatient gets better with no injuries
Transfer to Chiropractic AssistantManager can Rx exercises on behalf of the doctorsNow you pass a note and move on.
All Workouts created by all doctors are shared and available to everyoneEveryone contributes to the rapid organic growth of the workout libraryLearn from others with greater expertise.