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A New Online Learning Tool On How to Accelerate Physical Therapy Practice Growth Using Checklists

Checklist Technology Is Now Available in bestPT Billing and EHR Software

Practice owners fail to control and scale up patient visit experience when they rely exclusively on their memory and do not measure their practice performance. Without measuring, practice owners do not know that they have a revenue or a patient retention problem. Learn about it here.

According to Jason Barnes, COO for bestPT Billing and EHR Software, the first step in building any repeatable and scalable process is to define process performance and uniformity metrics. “The tasks are grouped together in a category for tracking purposes. The tasks can then be measured using the Task Manager Console across all patients or filtered down to a patient, to measure the success of the process across the practice or with an individual,” says Barnes. “For instance, the patient intake process might have 10 steps. If one of the steps is neglected, the problem would be manifested by the Task Manager Console reading a completion rate of 90%. The tasks can be sorted and the offending task can be rooted out and either changed or have additional staff training to achieve better results.”

Learn about bestPT Billing and EMR Software checklist technology here.

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