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Physical Therapists Now Use bestPT’s Workflow System to Manage Revenue Cycle and Improve Billing Processes

bestPT adds powerful new reporting features to its revenue cycle workflow control software to help practice owners improve collections and profitability


bestPT simplifies revenue cycle management through the use of it’s revolutionary workflow management process. More money to the practice creates financial stability for the owner and the employees and results in a stronger practice that is able to grow and serve more patients. Transparent reporting includes real-time automated alerts to notify process owners and participants about any problems or delays. This system enables practice owners to keep track of their claims, along with all other relevant work, in a single location. bestPT helps practice owners create a systematic revenue cycle management improvement process while providing them complete quality monitoring and control. View our free webinar here to learn more.

See exactly which claims were underpaid or delayed, and what needs to be done to fix that.

According to David Alben, the princial consultant at Genco Healthcare Management, the efficiency of bestPT system is the reason why their reimbursements are paid in full and on time. “Which claims have been paid and which claims haven’t been paid? Who owes you the money? How long have they owed you the money? The whole issue between insurance approved amount and usual and customary charges. All of those things are confusing. Insurance companies have placed barriers to payments because it’s in their interest to do that.”

According to Tom Jorno, PT Excellence Center Director at Billing Dynamix, bestPT’s Revenue Cycle Workflow automates the process of claim submission, follow up, and control. “Claims are automatically created with a preselected fee schedule and scrubbed against millions of rules prior to submission,” says Jorno. “The software allows them to see exactly which claims were underpaid or delayed, and what needs to be done to fix that.”

At the end of the day, bestPT summarizes all of this information into a single metric that can be monitored helping ensure that no claim is left behind and every underpayment or delay has been followed up on. The practice only has to clear one backlog a day with specifically worded instructions to maximize revenue. Any claim not addressed is easily identified by both practice stakeholder and practice success coach to locate the breakdown in process or ownership. Click here to sign up for the free webinar about bestPT’s workflow.

About BestPT and Billing Dynamix, LLC 
BestPT by Billing Dynamix is a comprehensive cloud-based Physical Therapy Practice Management system that includes intuitive EMR, industry-leading billing, scheduling, and powerful yet simple workflow management. Save documentation time and keep legible and compliant documents. Automate claims and leverage over 2.5 million coding rules spanning 2,500 practice-years of experience. Reduce administrative overhead and foster staff teamwork. BestPT is the ONLY Physical Therapy clinic solution that reduces administrative time by 70% compared to industry averages – GUARANTEED. Complete practice management consulting and a rich array of integrated products and services round out bestPT product and service packages. Register for a private Demo+, and review our industry-leading guarantee.