Physical Therapy Billing | BestPT gets me paid

Jason Barnes: You’re spending 30 minutes a day on your physical therapy billing?

Michael Walsh, PT: Max yeah.

Jason Barnes: Does that include documentation?

Michael Walsh: That would include documentation.

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On a busy day, say like Monday is my heavy AR day, you guys have it all posted by Wednesday or Thursday the latest. So I get to do some stuff in there and make some comments. It’s just part of my routine.

I have made it part of my work flow so I don’t have to take it home.

You know I used to take a laptop home everyday but I don’t want to play around with it. I would rather play with my kids. So that’s the thing I mean it’s done for me. Its part of my day.

I opened up my practice with bestPT from scratch. We had a 30-day downtime while we were getting loaded so we did some paper claims for workman’s comp, I hand typed my notes but I had a template. My template notes still took about 90 seconds because I had to print them out and sign it.

My receptionist tried to make copies, send a 1500 form out. So I’d say the whole process of doing one bill took about five minutes. While now, it’s just an instant, boom, boom, boom, click, bill. It’s done.

And they’re gonna drag their feet, you know. There’s a big fat cat up on the hill. I’m a little guy but if we do it right, it’s good.

Jason Barnes: What sort of feedback do you get from the insurance companies on bestPT?

Michael Walsh: Well I got to tell you, on the commercial nothing because the transactions are so fast. I mean like I said, Blue Cross is usually three days. Tricare I just got a payment from them on a patient, I’m getting paid in less than seven days on them. Medicare looks like five or seven days.

But on the workman’s comp companies and the other companies, they hate you guys and I mean that as a positive because they sometimes call and ask me, tell your billing company to quit calling us, we’re working as hard as we can.

So I say, they’re doing their job, their job is to get me paid.