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Physical Therapy equipment: Milon Circuit

By Steve Messineo

How New Milon Exercise Equipment Will Help Your Patients with Long Term Wellness and Increase Your Practice Revenues

In June of 2012 I met the President of Milon USA, a company promoting a line of circuit training equipment that has become extremely popular in European health clubs and physical therapy clinics. Milon is a German company that recently decided to test the vast US Health Club Market. What they did not expect was the opportunity to bring their product to a facility that houses both a physical therapy clinic and a fitness center.
So, after some education and negotiation, my business partner and I decided to bring Milon into our facility. You may be asking what is so wonderful about this circuit training equipment as compared to the various American-made lines.

Here are several features to the Milon exercise equipment that made it attractive to us and should be attractive to all physical therapy clinics that have 600 square feet of extra space to put this circuit in:
1) The equipment is easy for everyone to use. There are no weight settings – the resistance is provided electronically against both concentric and eccentric muscle contraction. This allows for a much more efficient workout and eccentric loading of muscles has been known to accelerate rehab from numerous conditions.

2) The resistance increments are offered at 2 pounds and resistance protocols are entered on a touch screen on each machine. Furthermore, because there are no weights, patients will not feel self-conscious about their resistance settings because no one else in the circuit will know what they are doing.

3) The machines automatically adjust to the user’s height and position after the initial set-up using a memory chip on a smart card – no more pulling knobs to adjust seat heights. This further increases the ease of use of the equipment making it perfect for PT patients.

4) The entire circuit takes less than 20 minutes to do but allows the user to get a fantastic workout. Patients who claim they don’t have time to exercise have no excuses if your clinic has a Milon circuit.

5) All of the equipment is attached to a computer that automatically documents a user’s progress. We can use that objective information in our reports to physicians and insurance companies documenting patient progress.

6) Finally, and most importantly, the addition of this equipment is going to create a long term revenue stream for our business as patients transition into long term exercise maintenance programs using the Milon equipment after they have been discharged. This increases customer retention and creates revenue via membership use of the equipment. We are projected to make an additional $20,000 in net revenue after the first year as a result of Milon implementation and this figure is conservative at best.

Anyways, I could go on and on about all of the fantastic benefits Milon offers both patients and physical therapy practice owners, but that would make this article extremely long. So, if you would like to learn more, email me at and I will be happy to provide you with more information. Or you can visit

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