How to Select Physical Therapy Practice Management Software | WRAP | Part 2

By Yuval Lirov, PhD and Shecanna Seeley, PT

physical therapy software selection part 2Widen your Choice

Consider Opportunity Cost

Learn to distrust “whether or not “ decisions. Instead of asking: “Should Shannon replace her billing software,” ask: “Is there a better way?  What else could she do?”

Surprisingly, too much focus at this early stage hurts your decision process. Focusing is great at comparing your options but it prevents you from identifying more options. When we focus, we sacrifice our peripheral vision. That’s why you have your Radar chart on the homepage – to help you see more alternatives, more important ways to measure your practice success.

Alternatively, suppose replacing the current billing software with another billing software was not Shannon’s option. What else could she do?

Well, she could at least consider two other options:

  1. Outsource her billing to a 3rd party provider
  2. Search for an integrated cloud-based software solution that includes billing software as one of its essential components.

How much would each of these two options cost and what other functions could be automated or eliminated if somebody else did her billing or if her software would cover more functionality than just billing?


So at this point you might consider three options:

  1. Replace your billing software. Keep your billing in-house. Consider if your current and project patient flow justifies an investment in scheduling and documentation software.
  2. Outsource your billing to a billing service
  3. Purchase an all-in-one cloud-based software solution that includes workflow management, scheduling, documentation, and billing. Preferably ONC-certified with a clear plan for ICD-10 transition.

Note that the third option may also allow working with either option 1 or option 2, depending on Shannon’s preference to keep billing in-house or outsource. What if there was a software company that offered both alternatives?

Our minds often think “this OR that” but we should always try to think “this AND that”.

Find Someone Who Has Solved Your Problem

Shannon is not alone in her predicament. Thousands of PT practice owners have wrestled with the similar problems and found different solutions. This is a perfect time to solicit other opinions from your colleagues, relevant Linkedin Groups, or professors.

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