Physical Therapy Software | New Network Members in August 2013

physcial therapy software_ new network membersThirteen new members joined bestPT in August. Each member benefits from the size of  bestPT’s network as we use the shared knowledge in the battle against the payers. This proverbial strength in numbers helps you build your dream practice with our physical therapy documentation software and coaching services.

Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members:

  1. Abigail Licona of Active Performance Physical Therapy, West Carroll, Iowa:
  2. Lauren Reineke and Lauren Lax of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, Texas:
  3. Melissa Schmidt, Megan Danley, and Heather Milligan of Elite Orthosport Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, California:
  4. Tina Simpson and Anna of Melwood Rehabilitation Center, Upper Marlboro, Maryland:
  5. Jennifer Berg of Midlothian Village Physical Therapy, Midlothian, Virginia:
  6. Leslee Carroll of Mike Walsh Physical Therapy, Dover, Delaware:
  7. Fran Hill of Pearson Physiotherapy Specialists, Craig, Colorado:
  8. Stephen Edwards of Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Clinic, Terre Haute, Indiana:
  9. Erica Newman of Summit Physical Therapy, Hixson, Tennessee: