Physical Therapy Software | New Network Members in June 2014

Physical Therapy Software_new-network-membersTwelve new members across eight practices joined bestPT in June 2014. Congratulations! Each member benefits from and contributes to the size of bestPT’s billing network as we use the shared knowledge in the battle against the payers. We call this the “Billing Network Effect.â”

This proverbial strength in numbers helps you build your dream practice using our physical therapy practice management software, billing, and profitability coaching services.

Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members:

  1. James Hughes of Axiom PT & OT Plus PLLC, Tuckahoe, NY.
  2. Jennifer Hendricks of Bassett Physical Therapy, Stanleytown, VA.
  3. Jamie Colley of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, PLLC, Austin, TX.
  4. Mackenzie Smith of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy North Star LLC, Round Rock, TX.
  5. Karen Gage, PT of Competitive Edge Physical Therapy And Fitness, Eagle, CO.
  6. Katie Burch of Kid’s Creek, Inc. Suwanee, GA.
  7. Audrey Bowlds, Kim Grieshaber, Sarah Kersey and Sloane Salisbury all of On The Move Pediatrics Therapy, PLLC, Lexington, KY.
  8. Ralene Michel and Sarah Nielsen of Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness Inc., Ventura, CA.