Physical Therapy Documentation

Physical Therapists need good documentation. It needs to be complete and accurate. In a busy office, it can be difficult to document visits well, without spending your office hours, evenings and weekends with your notes, instead of spending more time with patients or doing something else. The correct documentation system can make all the difference here.

When designing the bestPT xDocs Evaluation for Vericle, experts on physical therapy, medical billing, user interfaces, and optimizing web performance got together to develop the premier solution for documentation accuracy, ease and speed.

The layout and design of bestPT’s Documentation has been designed to be understood by any user who is familiar with regular computer, phone, and tablet applications. The menus are laid out in traditional positions along the side and top. Hovering over non-obvious information yields information to help the user decide if that’s where they need to click.

It’s so fast though, if you do click something you did not mean to click, don’t worry because the loading is instantaneous. You won’t have to wait to see what your click requested or jump to something else.

Once inside a section of the documentation suite, options are easy to find and select with color coding and large touch friendly buttons. This means the user won’t have to click around multiple times if they are in a rush.

Our billing and physical therapy experts were able to balance including all of the important information, while cutting the unnecessary information. Your documentation serves to record information about the visit and explain medical necessity. Everything else is extra information that can be found in the patient file or is unnecessary.

Often times, this information can actually lead to claims being lost due to superfluous distractions or contradictory boiler plate language. Fast loading, intuitive layout, and easy controls means you can focus on entering or selecting the correct information and better ensure proper payouts by the payers.