Simplify your physical therapy documentation with intuitive EHR software

Physical Therapy Software_Documentation with xDoc | BillingIf you are anxious about the new compliance standards effective Oct.1, 2014, fret not. You can rest assured that bestPT’s xDocs will automatically be updated with all required codes to make it easy for you to stay compliant. Also keep in mind that your paper forms will be pretty much obsolete. In other words, you won’t get paid at all if you submit paper forms after Oct.1 of next year.

“Our experience with setting up and using xDocs has been great. The team took my original document and was able to transform it into a functional document that we could easily access and use through the system. I was impressed with how quickly they were able to initially make the document. I was also equally impressed at how patient they were with me as we used the document and needed to make adjustments. They did so each time and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. We are looking into the possibilities of streamlining other documents into xDocs now.”

~ Melanie McGriff, Kids Creek Therapy

And since patient relationships are at the heart of your physical therapy business, xDocs have also been designed to help you turn your patients into raving fans. You can make a good impression by letting your patients use the xDocs Kiosk to check in for their appointments. Instead of filling out endless intake forms by hand your patients will only need to submit their info once. Our cloud based bestPT physical therapy software system saves everything instantly for secure storage and convenient access at any time of the day or night. You can further strengthen your bond with your patients by sending them their individual care plans through xDocs as email or PDF.

Here are 5 different ways you can use xDocs in your physical therapy practice:

1. Have patients fill out their intake forms at practice’s patient kiosk
2. Complete forms with patient while still table side
3. Provide alternative documentation to original platform:

  • PT notes
  • PT xDoc package was developed by PTs and Medicare compliance officers

4. Insurance verification forms
5. Care Plan communication to patients

Although xDocs offers a multitude of useful features for completing a variety of physical therapy billing and documentation tasks at your practice, it is easy to use pretty much ‘right out of the box’ and only requires minimal training. And unlike buying expensive physical therapy billing software, xDocs are already included in bestPT’s cloud based system at no extra charge and don’t require installation on your PC. Contact your SPOC to request xDocs access for your account.

How to find and use xDocs in your bestPT platform:

1. How to find xDocs?

    • Go to the xDoc tab in the TravelCard and click New. If you do not have any xDoc templates, please open a ticket to your SPOC.
    • Go to the xDoc tab in the patient account and follow above instructions.
    • Go to Reports > Medical Records > xDoc Medical Records to see all the xDocs created for your patients. You can create new xDocs from this screen as well.

2. How to fill it out an xDoc?

    • xDoc templates consist of text boxes, drop down menus, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Click on the section header to expand the section.
    • Fill out the note and click Save.
    • To signoff on the note, click Signoff.
    • Click PDF to open the printable version in a new window. Right-click to save a copy to your computer, print, and/or fax (applicable if you have browser-based faxing).

If anyone at your physical therapy practice runs into any kind of problems with xDocs, they can find useful instructions on the appropriate help page by clicking on the question mark [?]. Our bestPT support staff will be happy to help as well. Simply open a ticket to your SPOC with a short description of the of the issue.

You can learn more about xDocs in our Live Online Help session scheduled for this Thursday, June 20 at 3:30 p.m. ET by going to:

Dial-in: (949) 202-4265

Access Code: 8320258#