Physical Therapy Billing | Integrated documentation offers simple solution

Physical Therapy Billing_Compliant-15-second-SOAP-notes“BestPT has been extremely helpful in customizing the new documentation that we are going to need.”

-Kathleen Pegues, MS, OTR/L

Bit-By-Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

Pompano Beach, Florida  and Davie, Florida

“Documentation as part of our physical therapy billing process at this point of time is a work in progress.  We just recently received new requirements from various payers.

BestPT has been extremely helpful in customizing the new documentation that we are going to need.  One of the benefits of working with bestPT is that we don’t have a billing person working on our documentation.  We have a documentation specialist who assists us in developing our new formats.

During one of our monthly practice health checks we were reviewing some of the things we want to work on in the future, and we had talked about documentation and the fact that I would like it to be more customized to the specific needs of our practice.  At that point we began the entire process to improve the efficiency of our documentation.

Not all of our staff members, not all of our therapists are very technology oriented.  The more efficient  staff can do it within seconds.  The less technology oriented people can take up to a minute or two to actually figure out what they’re doing.

It just makes sense to have one place that is available to you from any location that you are at.  So if I’m at my facility in Davie, I can access a client’s record.  If I’m at my facility in Pompano, I can access that same clients records.

I hear from bestPT a few times a week.  I get update phone calls, phone call from various departments at bestPT asking me for feedback, and criticism, and praise, of how our relationship is going.  There is never a time where I feel not taken care of. “