Physical Therapy Software | New Network Members in January 2014

physcial therapy software_ new network membersTwenty-one new members across eight practices joined bestPT in January. Each member benefits from the size of bestPT’s network as we use the shared knowledge in the battle against the payers. This proverbial strength in numbers helps you build your dream practice using our physical therapy practice management software, billing, and profitability coaching services.

Let’s welcome bestPT’s newest members:

  1.  Bobbi Jo Perry of Active Performance Physical Therapy, West Carroll, Iowa
  2. Brittany Dyer, Jennifer Coyle, Elizabeth Childress, Carly Paben, Carolyn Roelse, Deborah Wells, Amy Narkiewicz, Brittany Krumpotich, Lyssa Avalos, and Ashley Holder  of Big Sky Pediatric Therapy, Austin, Texas
  3. Christopher Potts of Healing Motion, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  4. Davita Maldanho of Healing Star Physical Therapy and Wellness, Long Branch, New Jersey
  5. Stasia Tapley and Jennifer Forbes of ISU Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Clinic, Terre Haute, Indiana
  6. James Savas of Kalispell Rehab, Kalispell, Montana
  7. Josh McQuaide of Mike Walsh Physical Therapy, Dover, Delaware
  8. Melinda Pacheco, Jamie Mergenthaler, Sandra Barrera,  and Eugene Lee of Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness, Ventura, California