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Paper is used everywhere in healthcare, including at your physical therapy practice. From intake forms to basic tests, paper is used to document information and test results.  One common form that is used across the country is the Dynamic Gait Form that was adapted from Shumway-Cook & Woollacott Motor Control: Theory and Practical Applications, 1995.
This form is on average four pages long. If you use this one form 125 times a month you will use one ream of paper (500 sheets).  Once you have seen the patient and recorded your results you must then either a.) scan the document into your system and attach it to the patient file, or b.) re-enter the data into your  EMR and include it with the patient file.
At this point at least three people have had to handle this document.  One person needs to copy the document for mass use, a second person will need it during the treatment of the patient, and a third one to input the data into the system. While this seems to be a bit extreme and micromanaging the process of this one form, how many forms does your office use? How much time, excluding treatment, does this one form take to complete as a purely administrative task.
If the administrative task takes two minutes and you do this 125 times a month, you spend 250 minutes a month on this one form. That is over four hours a month for one person to copy and input just this one form.  What if you have ten forms that take about the same time to complete.  You would be paying one person a full week’s wage to just scan a form into a patient file!
What if the form was already in your EHR and automatically attached itself to the correct patient file?  What if the form auto-filled demographic information from the patient file as soon as you opened it?

With xDocs you can boost compliance

Physical Therapy Software | access_xdocs_from_schedulerThe image here is a direct screen shot of how xDocs looks in bestPT’s physical therapy software system. Patient demographics are automatically loaded into the form.  Notice the pull downs to complete the form.  The greatest part about the entire process is that only one person needs to touch the document: the provider!  Once the form is completed, the document is saved and automatically attached to the patient file! The form also calculates the results to minimize math errors and the time, while only seconds, to do the calculation manually.
As your physical therapy practice management solution bestPT strives to save you time and money. The introduction of xDocs allows you to save minutes, both in learning the form and in using the form. This additional feature will allow you to spend more time with your patients and building your practice.

Watch this video for brief overview on xDocs: